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RIIFF 2002 Film Schedule


Feature Films O-W

Friday August 9th Columbus Theatre 2:45PM
Company: Clear Pictures, LLC
Director / Writer: Alec Carlin
Producer: Scilla Andreen-Hernandez, Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi
Cinematographer: Andres Garreton
Cast: Catherine Kellner, Justin Kirk, Claudia Mason
Runtime: 109min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
Outpatient is a psychological drama. It is the story of Morris Monk who writes a murder mystery while locked up in a mental institution. His writing in part leads to his release. A new therapist, Dr. Patricia Farrow, makes progress delving in to Morris' past unlocking his secrets and thus seemingly fueling new chapters for his manuscript. Once Morris is out in the world the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. Eventually, Dr. Farrow realizes that Morris is obsessed with her and that he is writing his story as his reality is unfolding. Murder is inevitable. Farrow fights a system and a disintegrating mind to save her patient and those innocent people around him. Members of the crew will be in attendance.


Monday August 12th Columbus Theatre 9:30PM
Rare Birds
Company: Eurasia Motion Pictures
Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Producers: Janet York, Paul Pope
Writer: Ed Riche
Cinematographer: Jan Keisser
Music: Jonathan Goldsmith
Cast: William Hurt, Andy Jones, Molley Parker
Runtime: 101 min
Country: Canada
Format: 35MM
At the beginning of this clever romantic comedy, a disheartened Dave Purcel is ready to call it quits on his marriage and his restaurant. His wife has left him for a job in Washington and his restaurant, The Auk, set on a rugged windswept Newfoundland cape has never really taken off. His fortunes take a turn for the better when his neighbor, Alphonse Murphy dreams up a mad yet ingenious scheme to save the Auk. They will announce the presence, in the vicinity of the restaurant, of an extremely rare bird, attracting bird watchers from all over the world. Soon the restaurant is crawling with ornithologists and is such a success that Dave must ask Alphonse's alluring sister-in-law Alice to help run the show. Unfortunately, Alphonse has also been up to some other tricks, including the salvage of some illicit pharmaceuticals and the secret manufacture of a "recreational submarine vehicle", the revelation of which threatens to expose the bird hoax. Sinister forces soon move in on Dave and Alphonse and their friendship and loyalties are tested.


Friday August 9th Columbus Theatre 9:30PM
World Premiere
The Red Right Hand

Director: Mike Gioscia, Kurt St. Thomas
Producer: Mike Gioscia, Kurt St. Thomas
Director of Photography: Scott Crawfod
Writer: Mike Gioscia
Cast: Marc Ardito, Kim Brockington, John Doe, Abigail Morgan, James Murtaugh, John Kuntz, Megan Rawa, Jenna Stern, Michael Kevin Walker, Jason Winther
Runtime: 90min
Format: 35MM
The Red Right hand tells the story of five old friends, who get together in Salem, Massachusetts for their 15th high school reunion in 1978. None of them have seen each other since graduating in 1963, because of grisly events that happened to the gang during their senior week. Alan Hobbes is the only one of the crew who still lives in Salem, and guards the secrets of yesterday very closely. His high school sweetheart Rebecca Lawson, visiting with her boyfriend Jake from Los Angeles, has come back seeking closure to the episodes of the past. Martha Alden wishes the whole nonsense of their youth can just be forgotten, but Roger Mather, like Rebecca, has spent too many years hiding from his issues, and is ready to redress days gone by. Jon Good looks forward to seeing his old friends, hoping that it can take his mind of his gambling and drinking problems, but his wife Sara, has a surprise for him, and everyone else. Alan's crotchety Grandfather Cyress Hobbes, purveyor of the local funeral parlor, lends a hand in judging the group of misfits. The culpability shifts from character to character as they try to figure out who is really guilty, and who was merely a victim. Cast and crew will be in attendance.


Saturday August 10th Columbus Cinemateque 5:30PM
The Rough South of Larry Brown
Director/Writer: Gary Hawkins
Producers: Sam Froelich, James Marcovitz, Lisa Muskat
Music: Vic Chesnutt
Cast: Will Patton, Natalie Canerday, Dakota Smith, Paul Schneider
Hawkins' beautiful Rough South series interweaves documentary footage with fictional adaptations of authors' work (in this case, Larry Brown), establishing an innovative approach to the documentary genre. After his 1996 portrait of Harry Crews, he continues his exploration of Southern writers by turning his camera on Mississippi's Larry Brown. Gary Hawkins explores the popular contemporary Southern author Larry Brown, mixing interviews and home movies with stirring dramatizations of his work. A fireman and odd-job laborer in rural Mississippi, Brown decided one day to try writing. Following years of rejection notices, Brown is now known as one of the foremost writers from the modern South.

Sunday August 11th Columbus Theatre 5:00PM
Company: Venice Filmworks, LLC
Director: Mark Anthony Galluzzo
Producers: Len Combs, John Boesel, M.A.Galluzzo
Cast: Jason Mewes, Majandra Delfino, Grace Zabriskie, Jonathan Banks, Glenn Quinn, Daniel Joseph, Lucas Babin, Reno Wilson, Nora Zehetner
Runtime: 99 min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
Philosophy student Nick Collier and his friends have just graduated from college, but before the working world grabs hold and scatters them all different ways, good ole' Nick wants to have one last sha-bang. The party is a smashing success. In fact, the celebration soon becomes so successful that Nick decides he doesn't want it to end...ever. For as far as our sentimental host is concerned, there is still one last way for everyone to stay very close together - well of course, that is, as long as they're all dead. Thus with grace and skill, Nick carefully proceeds to immortalize his good pals one by one. In fact ol' Nicky is so good, none of his guests even realize what's befallen their fellow party-goers, until their time too, has come. As the night wears on and the guests dwindle, the audience to this twisted ™Hitchcockian tale is left guessing... who's next? And more importantly how, where, and oh yeah, why?


Friday August 9th Columbus Cinemateque 1:00PM
Victory Square
Company: Liza Davitch Productions
Director: Liza Davitch
Producer: Liza Davitch
Editor: Liza Davitch
Cinematography: Liza Davitch
Music: Vladimir Kondrusevich
Cast: Anastasia Dorum, Tatiana Kostiunina
Runtime: 92 Min.
Country: USA/Belarus
Format: BETA SP
Victory Square is the contemporary story of Tania and Nastia, a close-knit mother and daughter in Minsk, Belarus, whose relationship begins to suffer when each becomes romantically attached to a man the other despises. The daughter's unfolding love affair with a Jewish hustler and the mother's relationship to a high-art poet with a new version of Hamlet, are two narratives, which lead to their current troubles, misunderstandings and constant parent/child role switching. Filmed over five years, it's a haunting and comedic look at generational differences and post-Soviet classes of society as "black-marketeers" replace the socialist "People's Artist" in the prestigious upper class. Russian & English, English Subtitles.


Saturday August 10th Columbus Theatre 12:30PM
Virgin Cowboys
Company: Earl Street Films
Director / Producer / Writer: Elio Malocco
Cinematographer: Eric Courtney
Music: Kevin Dawn
Cast: Paul Reynor, Peter Vollebregt, Lee Janes
Runtime: 98min
Country: Ireland / UK
Format: 35MM
A happily married, middle-aged psychiatrist and his young nephew, a day trader, get a tip to buy shares in a bank. They mortgage everything they have and buy the shares. The shares rocket and they make a million. However, the following day the shares collapse and they lose everything. They discover that a corrupt banker who bought their shares and took control of the bank set them up. The day trader loses his job and is pursued by a menacing loan shark. The psychiatrist is thrown out by his wife, loses his license to practice and is sent to prison. While there he meets Paddy, a serial fraudster. He tells him the story and Paddy persuades him to take revenge by contacting two young English girls who are the best con artists around. The girls travel to Ireland and agree to con the banker out of a million and half. They agree to split the proceeds between them. However, not everything goes according to plan and while they seem to be just about to get their revenge a series of event occur which make them suspicious. They soon begin to wonder if professional criminals are setting them up again - this time. Unable to determine whether or not they are they take the chance and go to collect their share of the money but at this stage the girls and Paddy have long since vanished and they wonder if they are about to be arrested yet again.


Saturday August 10th Columbus Cinemateque 1:00PM
Washington Heights
Director: Alfredo de Villa
Producer: Luis Dantas, Tom Donahue, Alfredo de Villa Company: Heights Productions
Exec. Producers: Peter Newman & Greg Johnson
Screenplay: Nat Moss & Alfredo de Villa
Cinematography: Claudio Chea
Production Design: Charlotte Bourke
Editing: Tom Donahue
Sound: Andrew Bellware
Composer: Leigh Roberts
Cast: Tomas Milian, Manny Perez, Danny Hoch, Jude Ciccolella, Andrea Navedo, Bobby Cannavale Runtime: 81min
Country: USA
Format: Beta SP
Carlos Ramirez, 28, lives in New York City's Washington Heights, a Dominican neighborhood where his father Eddie runs a local bodega. Carlos works in the East Village as an inker of comics, but is developing his own project he hopes to sell to a well-known publisher. Mickey Kilpatrick is the sweet-natured superintendent of their building, whose loopy dreams of becoming a professional bowler are met with only derision and confusion by his father Sean. Needless to say, both Carlos and Mickey are burning to get out of the Heights. Unlike their sons, Eddie and Sean are immigrants, or children of immigrants, who have made peace with their unfulfilled dreams. Like Carlos and Mickey, Sean and Eddie are best friends. In fact, Sean has made the mistake of lending Eddie $25,000 to cover his profligate spending. When Eddie is shot and paralyzed from the waist down during an attempted robbery, Sean prevails on Carlos to take over the store to protect his investment. For Carlos - who has been challenged by his mentor to rework a superficial comic strip into something with depth and substance -- running the store is the last thing on his mind. Director Alfredo de Villa will be in attendance with star Manny Perez..

Saturday August 10th Columbus Theatre 7:15PM
Director / Director of Photography: F.A. Brabec
Writer: F.A. Brabec, Milos Macourek, Deana Jakubiskova-Horvathova
Producer: Deana Jakubiskova-Horvathova
Music: Jan Jirasek
Editor: Boris Machytka
Runtime: 90min
Country: Czech Republic
Format: 35MM
Seven dramatic human life stories that may play anywhere and in any century. They tell the everlasting story of passion, love, desire, obsession and selfishness. The whole story, the Ballads were written by a Czech poet K. J. Erben a century ago and yet they are still here and alive. Therefore the authors of the movie decided to chose seven of the ballads and make them a film poetry of a very new style. It is a composition of photography, music and a fascinating landscape and architecture. The persons of individual stories keep meeting in between their ballads as on a merry-go round. It is a great poetry composed of pictures, music and words that accompanies us home and makes us ponder over the sense of life and death, love and hate, tolerance and discrimination, tenderness and wild passion.