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October 20-26th, 2014

This event is sponsored by Flickers, the Rhode Island International Film Festival, The Rhode Island Film & Television Office, Amtrak, Hobgoblin Ale, RISCA, Cox Media, Eurochannel, The Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, The URI College of Arts & Sciences, The Film Media Program, and the URI Feinstein College of Continuing Education, Roger Williams University and the RWU Film Production Club.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Ghouls, Goblins, Witches, Zombies, and Ghosts make an appearance on the big screen when the Rhode Island International Film Festival unwraps its 15th Annual FLICKERS: RI International Horror Film Festival, October 20-26th.


To add to the fun, the Festival, much like a witch's brew, consists of various ingredients such as an H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tour with the RI Historical Society , special free kids screenings, two filmmaking forums, a Saturday night exclusive presentation, a date-night screening, and world premieres.

The Horror Festival is an eerie-sistable salute to the ever increasingly popular genres of Horror, sci-fi and fantasy. It includes numerous world and US premieres of shorts and features including the best genre films submitted in competition from across the globe.

To add to the fun, the Festival, much like a witch's brew, consists of various ingredients such as ticket give-aways, celebrity sightings, plus a costume competition, plus much more.

Admission is $10.00 per person for most screenings.

Tickets for certain events, as well as festival five-packs,were available online.
All film tickets are available at the door before each screening.


Tickets could be ordered in advance by calling the RIIFF office: Telephone: 401-861-4445. E-mail: info@film-festival.org.





Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, The | Directed by Gui Periera | 18 min. Adventure/Fantasy (Kids) | U S A / Brazil, 2013.

A young and frightened Billy goes on a journey with his older brother Johnny, to the Old West. The town of Ferro Grande is being threatened by Dirt Man Duke and the Lightning Gang ever since the Governor's son rolled into town. Now, Sheriff Kid McLain must protect the Governor's son and his peaceful quiet town against the vengeful Dirt Man Duke with only the help of a young cowboy barely in his teens.


Alice D. | Directed by Jessica Sonneborn | 85 min. Horror | U S A, 2014 (Local).

In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed herself there. After her death, the brothel became haunted by Alice's ghost, and was eventually abandoned. More than a century later, the old structure is renovated into a beautiful mansion. It is still rumored to inhabit the ghost of Alice. Despite this, the new owner; the rich and arrogant heir to the Davenport fortune, decides to throw a wild party for his first night in the house.




AM1200 | Directed by: David Prior | 40 min. | U S A, 2007.

Cast: Eric Lange, Ray Wise, and John Billingsley

Cocky investment analyst Sam Larson has a lot on his mind. After a financial scam goes horribly wrong, he hits the road in a desperate bid to outrun his guilt. A fragment of a radio broadcast, that may or may not be a distress call, lures him to an isolated transmitting station and into a terrifying mystery of murder, madness and the insatiable hunger of a power beyond his comprehension.


Another World | Directed by Eitan Reuven | 96 min. Horror | Israel, 2014.

In a post-apocalyptic future, a biological warfare program gone wrong leaves only four survivors defending themselves from "the infected" - mindless killers. As they struggle to survive and make sense of what is happening, they find another survivor, intent on revealing the truth.





Ausencia | Directed by Max Valverde | 15 min. Fantasy (Kids) | Costa Rica, 2014.

Luis died prematurely. Since then, Enrique's life has been sleeping beside his father's tomb. He tries to play with other kids, he tries hard to play the game of his life. Yet, he ends curled up in his solitude, next to his dad's tomb.




Black Sugar | Directed by Hank Friedmann | 11 min. Horror | U S A, 2013.

When a group of bored suburban teens experiment with a mysterious new drug, they are thrust into a nightmare world where hallucinations kill.


Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story | Directed by Mike Ambs, Paul Foyder, Gino Roy, Whitfield Scheidegger & Greg Shewchuk | 38 min. Animation | U S A, 2014.

Based on the popular Disney Parks Vinylmation collectible franchise, 'Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story' is a 38 minute stop-motion animated film that tells the story of Blank, an unpainted Vinylmation, on an journey through an original new world to find his lost soul mate. Blank is an epic adventure in miniature scale, a completely original, heartwarming love story filmed entirely in practical stop motion.




Bedtime | Directed by Cooper Justus | 6 min. Children/Adventure | U S A, 2014.

A young boy enlists his brother's help to get to the restroom after a monster appears under the his bed, but when the monster overpowers his brother, the boy is forced to muster his courage and face his fears.


By Your Side | Directed by Tsuneo Goda | 6 min. Environmental/Music | Japan, 2014.

A girl and stuffed toys(Usa and Kuma) live happily. But a huge earthquake shakes their town suddenly. After a while, Usa and Kuma awake to find themselves in complete mess but can't find the girl. They have no idea what has just happened. However, they start cleaning up the mess in hope for finding the girl. Will they be able to find her?




Carnivory | Directed by Mathias Askeland | 20 min. Sci Fi/Fantasy | United Kingdom, 2014.
Before his in vitro meat lab gets shut down, an overworked scientist decides to try one last experiment: growing a filet f human steak.


The Carriage or: Dracula & My Mother | Directed by Ben Gordon |15 min. Horror | Spain, 2013.

Film director Ben Gordon spends a horrible Christmas with his family when a sinister carriage mysteriously appears at the house and Ben is blinded to his family's safety by the golden opportunity to film something momentous, terrible as it may be.




Cassandra | Directed by Guy-Roger Duvert | 14 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | U S A, 2014.

In a medieval world, two thieves infiltrate a besieged city, in order to retrieve an artifact. But when they are saved by a priest who mistakes them for mercenaries come to help the town, choices have to be made. What you do defines who you are, but the consequences define who you will become...


THE CURSE OF YIG | Directed by Paul von Stoetzel | 32 min. Horror | USA, 2011

An adaptation of the legendary writer H.P. Lovecraft's story by the same name which follows a young academic searching for the legend of the infamous snake god, Yig, but who finds a story more disturbing than anything she ever could have imagined.




Dark Origins | Directed by Evan Randall Green |12 min. Horror | Australia, 2013.

A psychologist discovers the terrifying trauma haunting her young patient may in fact lurk beyond the girl's fractured mind.




Decorations | Directed by Mari Miyazawa | 7 min. Animation/Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Kids) | Japan, 2014.

A quaint kitchen in a house tucked away in the outskirts of the city. Amidst preparations for a banquet, the birth of a new life brings turmoil and change. And then, she heads off on her own journey. Those who send her off recall the day they embarked on their own journeys, just like her.


Detention | Directed by Will Pascoe | 8 min. Horror | Canada, 2014.

Five high school students trapped in noon-hour detention, struggle with what to do when the world outside falls to a zombie apocalypse.


Dough | Directed by Julian Vican | 20 min. Horror | U S A, 2014.

When a traumatized runaway finds solace in a secluded farm home, her attempt to liberate the house from a disturbing secret uproots a rage that should have remained hidden.


A Drop of Water | Directed by Daniel F. Lovetere | 19 min. Horror | U S A, 2014 (Local).

A man's new life is shattered by visions of a vengeful spirit, that will stop at nothing to leave a mark that can never be forgotten.




Entity | Directed by: Andrew Desmond and Jean-Phillipe Ferré |15 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | France, 2014.

Minutes after the technical failure of her spacecraft, an astronaut finds herself ejected from her cockpit and into space. She tries in vain to contact to the base to obtain help. Her oxygen level diminishes slowly but surely. Little by little, fear grabs hold of her. She faints... After floating adrift for several hours through the immensity of space, she awakens to find herself facing a strange and mysterious entity, taking the shape of an immense colored cloud.


ENTITY - Official Trailer from Jean-Philippe Ferré on Vimeo




Fallout | Directed by: Derek Dubois | 15 min. | U S A, 2011.

Fallout is the story of two brothers struggling for their lives while isolated in an underground shelter.


Feral | Directed by: Daniel Sousa | 13 min. | U S A, 2013.

A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.


Figures | Directed by Miklos Keleti | 20 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Belgium, 2013.

Hannah is a deaf-mute little girl. However she hears a strange noise in a park one day. Her mother does not believe her but Hannah is becoming more and more obsessed with that experience. She believes that the park wants to communicate something to her. Where will this fascination lead her? 


Flesh Computer | Directed by Ethan Shaftel| 14 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | U S A, 2013.

A weary handyman does his best to maintain a decaying building in a ruined city, but when scavengers attack his cybernetic pet project, the line between human and machine becomes blurred.




The Gallant Captain | Directed by Katrina Mathers | 8 min. Adventrue/Fantasy (Kids) | Australia, 2013.

A boy and his cat journey into unknown waters with a bottle, a boat and a vivid imagination.

Graduation Afternoon | Directed by Alex VonHofmann | 12 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Australia, 2013.

It's graduation afternoon and Jane is thinking about love, a career, her future ... but everything is about to change, forever.




He took His Skin Off For Me | Directed by Ben Aston | 10 min. Sci-Fi/Horror | United Kingdom, 2014.

A simple, domestic love story about a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn't the best idea...


The Hungry Corpse | Directed by Gergely Wootsch | 10 min. Horror | United Kingdom, 2013

A short tale set in London's bustling, yet desolate Trafalgar Square about an ancient, rather hungry Corpse and... a Pigeon. Voiced by Bill Nighy ('Love Actually', 'Pirates of the Caribbean') and Stephen Mangan ('Green Wing') the film is a tale of companionship but also, a textural imprint of a dark, monochrome London from the perspective of a still, solitary protagonist. The Hungry Corpse is a result of a fond collaboration between scriptwriter James Pout and Royal College of Art alumni animator Gergely Wootsch.






Insane | Directed by Adam O'Brien | 19 min. HOR | Canada, 2014.

A young talented director on a location scout in the abandoned psychiatric hospital of a rural community inadvertently awakens the ghost of a tormented soul seeking retribution.


It Had to Be Done | Directed by Don Burton | 15 min. HOR | U S A, 2014 (Local).

'I don't know how I first got the idea, but when I did, it haunted me day and night.' So reads the first line of 'It Had To Be Done,' a 'Tell-Tale Heart' (Poe) inspired film that follows Allan, a damaged teen, obsessed with feeding his habit despite being under the all-seeing eye of his grandfather, Edgar. When Allan decides he can no-longer deal with his judgmental audience living in the same house, he takes matters into his own hands.




Jack Attack | Directed by Antonio Padovan & Bryan Padovan | 8 min. Horror | U S A, 2013.

This Halloween, young Jack is about to learn that there is more to a Jack O' Lantern than just a pumpkin.


Job Interview | Directed by Julia Walter | 9 min. Horror | Germany, 2014.

When Lisa applies for a job everything seems to be turning out pretty well. But when the boss Marie starts asking strange questions it won't be long until Lisa realizes that the seemingly simple job interview is getting slightly out of control.




Kharisma | Directed by Shannon Murphy | 13 min. Family/Comedy | Australia, 2013.

A young and darkly funny story of a girl desperate for the limelight and the magical discovery she makes that could secure her fame and fortune should she choose to use it…


The King and Queen of Halloween |Directed by: Anna Maguire | 6 min. | Canada, United Kingdom, 2014.

Trick or Treat respectfully kids, or pay the price.




The Landing | Directed by Josh Tanner |18 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Australia. 2013

A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission: To unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.


The Legend of The Flying Tomato | Directed by Sharon Huang, Michael Yates, and Aurry Tan | 5 min. Animation/Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Kids) | USA, 2014.

An young female luchador aspiring to be like her hero must learn to accept her flaws when she faces a terrifying opponent.


Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare | Directed by Ric Rebello | 56 min. | U S A, 2010.

On August 4th 1892 a brutal double murder occurred in the New England town of Fall River Massachusetts. A rich Victorian city which held some of the wealthiest people in America. Over One Hundred years later the crime is still one of the most infamous in history. The woman at the center of the crime has become one of the most infamous personalities in American history, her name: Lizzie Borden.


The Looking Planet | Directed by: Eric Law Anderson | 17 min. | U S A, 2014.

During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression.




The Magic Ferret | Directed by Alison Parker | 11 min. Family/Comedy/Drama | Canada, 2013.

A young orphan named Sam yearns to find a forever home, so he and his pet ferret Booger conjure up a little magic.


Mia | Directed by Wouter Bongaerts | 9 min. Animation | Belgium/Netherlands, 2013.

7 year old Mia tries to liberate her overworked mother from the clutches of an overpopulated metropolis. In her quest, she unlocks the hidden secrets that make the world turn.


Mirage | Directed by: Iker Maidagan | 20 min. | U S A, 2013.

A young Inuit boy and his sled dog stumble upon an ancient impact crater, now turned into a frozen lake, while looking for a fishing spot in the Arctic. Home of a mysterious shrine and a strange conch shell, the lake waters can bring countless exotic fish to the North Pole, but trying to reach them is a dangerous venture that comes with a price.




Mouse X | Directed by Justin Tagg | 15 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | United Kingdom, 2014.

Mouse-X is a mystery/sci-fi story about Anderson, a man who wakes in a building with no idea where he is or how he got there, before slowly discovering that in each of the rooms around him are a thousand clones of himself, all of whom woke into the same mysterious scenario.


My Stuffed Granny | Directed by: Effie Pappa | 10 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.

Times are hard for little Sofia, as the Greek recession is taking its toll. With her Father out of work, they rely solely on Greedy Grumpy Granny's pension. Desperate times call for desperate measures; to what extremes will they go, when Granny is no more?




Naive | Directed by Marie Enthoven | 11 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Belgium, 2014.

On her birthday, Emma discovers that her life is a lie from which her mother holds the strings. Her lover, her friends, all seem to be paid to surround her.




On/Off | Directed by Julien Renaud |13 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | France, 2013.

Obsessed by a mysterious voice message, astronaut Meredith will face its paradoxical condition in order to stay connected to his humanity.


Over the Moon | Directed by: James Cunningham | 7 min. Sci-Fi Action | New Zealand, 2013.

Brace yourself for a rough landing as kick-ass comic book heroine Connie Radar defends the moon from The USA and attempts to prevent the first moon landing.




Payada pa' Satan | Directed by: Antonio Balseiro and Carlos Balseiro | 8 min. | Argentina, 2013. Gaucho lives peacefully in the countryside with his wife until one day they hear explosions and the earth starts to shake. Bewildered, the gaucho decides to go out and see what was happening, and finds out that there is a huge hole in the middle of the mountains. The Gaucho concludes that Satan has made this huge hole to link the earth with hell. Along with the devil, comes the misery, so the gaucho decides to go and take revenge and put an end to this story.


Poussiers | Directed by Daniel Metge | 22 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | France, 2013.

For some time the village was just sentenced to silence and dust. Not a soul out there, not even a noise. However this evening, something is moving again.




Rabbit and Deer | Directed by Peter Vacz | 16 min. Animation | Hungary, 2013.

The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension...


Reaver | Directed by Len LoBiondo | 20 min. Horror | USA, 2013.

A brother and sister are confronted by the malevolent, supernatural entity responsible for their father's mysterious disappearance.


Redeem The Beginning | Directed by Denis Peterson | 15 min. Sci-Fi Fantasy | Sweden, 2014.

If you were murdered but given a second chance, a chance to redeem yourself and it means taking the lives of those who took yours... Would you do it?


Robot & Boy | Directed by Dylan and Ethan Itkin | 24 min. Sci/FI | USA. 2013 (Local).

A Thrilling, heartfelt boy and robot friendship tale that'll warm your heart, make you laugh and have you on the edge of your seat! Jacob is a bullied 11-year-old whose life changes when he befriends a surprise visitor. But a whirlwind adventure begins when this "visitor" realizes it's time for him to get back home and Jacob decides to confront his worst fear.




Scary Larry | Directed by Greg Ivan Smith | 12 min. HOR | USA, 2014.

In 1952, two young college women invite their dates to a secret rendezvous at their dormitory. The foursome play a seemingly innocent card game, which gradually reveals itself to hold a dark, ulterior motive.


Serpant's Lullaby | Directed by: Patricia Chica | 13 min. | Canada, 2014

Few people know the name of the eccentric woman living in the centuries-old mansion just outside of town. Even fewer have seen her face. But everyone has heard the stories. Rumors of a secret garden in her backyard where her children are buried. Some think she is simply a grieving mother seeking solitude. Others believe she's a cold-blooded monster. When the empty baby’s crib in her home becomes too much for her to bear she ventures out in public, and soon everyone will know the dark truth.


Silent | Directed by Sara Hebert | 3 min. Animation | USA , 2014.

Two street performers dream of bringing their 'Picture and Sound Show' to life. When they discover a magical contraption inside an old theatre, they embark on a cinematic adventure of sight and sound, traveling through movie history to find the audience they always wanted.


Sinners | Directed by Derek Dubois | 18 min. Horror | UK. 2014.

In a blue-collar factory town, an alcoholic priest wrestles with his faith when young children start disappearing at the hands of a serial killer.


Smutne Potwory | Directed by Justyna Tafel | 30 min. Horror | Poland, 2013.

The world as seen through the eyes of a little girl who believes herself to be a princess and her father­ a knight fighting bad monsters. She possesses a universal weapon­ imagination, which helps her survive in the non­ideal reality of grown­ups. Though every day brings her a step closer to crossing that magic border of our childhood when we realize that the world might be different from what we believed...




Starving | Directed by Mike De Caro | 19 min. Horror | USA, 2013.

Having possession of an antidote to cure men from devolving into rapacious flesh eaters, Joseph, a former Wall Street trader, executes a bank heist before the world's crisis is finally resolved.


Subteranneo (Underground)| Directed by Miguel A. Carmona | 14 min. Horror | Spain, 2013

An underground parking. A couple in love. Three hooded men.




Tea With the Dead |Directed by: Gary Gill | 33 min. | Ireland, 2014

Frank is a gentle unassuming embalmer from Ballyconneely, a small town in Connemara. After Frank has washed, disinfected, removed and replaced fluids, applied cosmetics and dressed the deceased, he always makes two cups of tea. One for him and one for the dead. The conversations Frank has with the deceased are recordings of interviews with real Irish people, telling their real stories the only way Irish people can! This first story features Patricia who tells of growing up in Dublin, learning she was adopted and finding her birth mother.



Read the Review:


Time Lapse | Directed by Bradley King | 103 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | USA. 2014.

A modern thriller with a sci-fi element about three friends who discover a machine that takes pictures 24hrs into the future. They conspire to use it for personal gain, until disturbing and dangerous images begin to develop.


TIME LAPSE - Official Trailer from TIME LAPSE on Vimeo.


Tin and Tina | Directed by Rubin Stein |12 min. Horror | Spain, 2013.

Tin and Tina are not eating their puree tonight.




Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary | Directed by: John Campopiano & Justin White | 115 min. Documentary | USA, 2014.

Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary is an independent documentary taking an extensive look at the making of Stephen King's 1989 film, Pet Sematary. Of particularly interest to the filmmakers were the origins of the original story itself, the impact a Hollywood production had on a rural New England community, and the legacy the film has carved out among horror fans and scholars of Stephen King's work.


In addition to featuring dozens of cast and crew interviews - most of whom have never before been interviewed about their involvement in the film - this documentary will also take fans on the first ever tour of all the filming locations used in and around Maine. With countless never-before-seen photographs and recently discovered home video footage of the production from 1988, original props from the film, local media coverage, Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary is an all-encompassing documentary by fans for the fans.






We Wanted More | Directed by: Stephen Dunn | 15 min. Sci-Fi Fantasy | Canada, 2013.

A psychological thriller about a singer who loses her voice on the precipice of her first world tour, “We Wanted More” is a hypnotic fever dream about the sacrifices a young artist makes for her career.




The Whisperer In Darkness | Directed by: Sean Branney | 103 min. Horror | USA, 2010.

Celebrated author HP Lovecraft's classic tale of alien horror bursts onto the screen in the style of the classic horror films of the 1930s. Folklore professor Albert Wilmarth investigates legends of strange creatures in the most remote hills of Vermont. His inquiry reveals a terrifying glimpse of the truth that lurks behind the legends. Filmed in the style of classics like Frankenstein, Dracula and King Kong, The Whisperer in Darkness returns us to the golden age of movies for a thrilling tale of supernatural horror. Filmed in Mythoscope, Whisperer is the kind of cinematic thrill audiences haven't felt since the Hoover administration.


The Winter | Directed by Teresa Sutherland | 14 min. Horror | USA, 2012.

1872, a year after watching her husband dragged screaming into the darkness, a solitary woman works to survive in the frigid wind of frontier Kansas. She spends the lonely days preparing for her nights. She makes candles, gathers wood, watches the never-ending horizon to ensure she is inside before the sun disappears behind the Earth. Every night she arms herself with her rifle. Every night she surrounds herself with light. Every night she fights off sleep as she waits for the creature that took her husband, and every night it returns. It comes with a purpose. It comes for her.


The Working Dead | Directed by Lee Arter | 5 min. Horror | USA, 2013.

Racked from stress at work, Alice has nightmares of Zombies until her boss makes her worse dreams come true.


Worm Free Society | Directed by Rajah Samaroo | 23 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | USA (Local), 2014. Norman has the most boring job in the world. He's an office worker in a strange office. Heck, he doesn't even know what his job is. Why he's doing it? Well it pays the bills. But why is he compelled to do it? And why are there 'worms' dripping from the ceiling onto his desk and onto his skin? He has enough reason to believe that his job is not a job but an experiment. What he finds out about the people who created this job is even more disturbing.




You Me and Her | Directed by Sarah Doyle | 20 min. Sci-Fi/Fantasy | USA, 2014.

When thirty versions of one person are zapped through the wormhole at the US Department of Parallel Resettlement, an unhappy timid girl named Anna finds out she is the worst possible version of herself, inspiring her to change her ways at the expense of destroying the universe.




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