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.... 396 submissions received from throughout the United States and across the globe

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(PROVIDENCE, RI) • George Billard from Eldred, NY is the Best Screenplay Grand Prize Winner for this year's FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) Screenplay Competition. His winning screenplay is entitled “Dispossessed.” George T. Marshall, RIIFF Executive Director/CEO, made the announcement of the 2014 awards.


The “Dispossessed” storyline: Distracted by his struggles raising a severely autistic son, small-town sheriff Ray Jensen grows alarmed at the unhinged and violent behavior of the locals, many of whom are under the care of the town's new doctor. Joe Sullivan, a recently defrocked priest who has returned to his hometown in disgrace, suspects that dark forces are at work.


"This is an exceptional screenplay. George’s use of irony successfully captures the everyday contradictions in small town America through blending the conventional with the uncanny," said Shawn Quirk, RIIFF Program Director.


"It was an outstanding year for screenplay entries. The exceptional quality and the solid storytelling were compelling, making for difficult decision-making on the part of our international group of judges," added Quirk. "Our adjudication team read 396 screenplay entries this year, which is now the largest entry base in the competition's history. Submissions were analyzed and scored according to a set of criteria, including character, dialogue, setting, plot and technique.”


"After extensive reading and deliberation among the judges, prizewinners were chosen in five distinct categories: Main Competition, LGBTQ, International Focus, Vortex Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Short Screenplay," he added. "Each will come with its own set of awards."


"Our sincere congratulations to this year's winners," stated George T. Marshall. "This competition has introduced us to some of the world's brightest and most talented writers in the craft."





Grand Prize:


Written by: George Billiard, (Eldred, New York, USA)


First Place:

"The Celestial"

Written by: Barry Brennessel (Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)


Tied With

"Dean Bailesol's Journey To Surgery"

Written by: Leonard Tachmes (Miami Beach, Florida, USA)



Grand Prize:

The Night Witches”

Written by: Steven Prowse (United Kingdom)


First Place:


Written by: Samuel Sebastian (Barcelona, Spain)



Grand Prize:

“The Crimson Confession”

Written by: Raymond Just (Pasadena, CA, USA)



Grand Prize:

“Transformation Awaits”

Written By: Rachel Goldberg and Jonathan Pope Evans, (Burbank, California, USA)


First Place:


Written By: David M. Waters, (Macon, Georgia, USA)



Grand Prize:


Written By: Markus Mueller, (Brooklyn, New York, USA)


First Place:


Written By: Jennifer Delprett, (Howell, NJ, USA)


Tied With

“Boomerang The Great”

Written By: Ana. R. Dominick, (Sherman Oaks, California, USA)


Prizes awarded to the winners of the screenplay competition (which vary with the specific screenplay category) include: a free year of screenplay promotion services to the winners, through ScreenwriterShowcase.com; 1 Script Listing and 1 Magazine Listing from InkTip; a 1-year Writers Database membership from Script Pipeline; Final Draft software featuring Final Draft Screenwriting Suites; and Passes to the 2015 FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival and the ScriptBiz™ Screenwriter's Workshop.


The Best Screenplay Grand Prize winner will be brought to Providence to attend the 2015 ScriptBiz program, where their screenplay will be a central focus of the program, plus receive a private script consultation and an official award on RIIFF's Opening Night Celebration. Lodging will also be provided.


The 2014 Semi-Finalists:


"65 South" Written by: Lonas Taylor, (New London, Connecticut, USA)


"Across the Pond" Written by: Andrea Harding, (Lexington, Massachusetts, USA)


"Baby Wars" Written by: Jeffrey Thomas, (Richmond, Virginia, USA)


"Barcode Man" Written by: Miyako Akina Fuqua, (Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA)


"Boomerang the Great" Written by: Ana. R. Dominick, (Sherman Oaks, California, USA)


"Celestial, The" Written by: Barry Brennessel (Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)


"Cornflowers" Written By: Philip Henson, (London, United Kingdom)


"Concert, The" Written By: Steven Prowse, (London, United Kingdom)


"Crimson Confession, The" Written by: Raymond Just, (Pasadena, California, USA)


"Dean Bailesol's Journey to Surgery" Written by: Leonard Tachmes, (Miami Beach, Florida, USA)


“Dishes” Jennifer DelPrett, (Howell, NJ, USA)


"Dispossessed" Written by: George Billiard, (Eldred, New York, USA)


"Elevationism" Written by: Vasilios Asimakos, (Lowell, Massachusetts, USA)


"Fallen Swimmers, The" Written by: Judd King, (Los Angeles, California, USA)


"Lady Butts" (Short Film) by Adam Whitaker, (Clever, Missouri, USA)


"Libertaire" Written by: Elizabeth Indianos, (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)


"Manuscript, The" Written by: Joseph Rechtman, (Los Angeles, California, USA)


"Meena" Written by: David M. Waters, (Macon, Georgia USA)


"Meliville & Hawthore; Or, a Love Story" Written by: Catherine Cyran, (Santa Monica, California, USA)


"Neverland Lost" Written by: Allison Pinkerton, (Orlando, Florida, USA)


"Night Witches, The" Written by: Steven Prowse, (London, United Kingdom)


"One and All" Written by: Robi Michael, (Brooklyn, New York, USA)


"Platform, The" Written by: Jennifer Potts, (Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA)


"Psychotropica" Written by: Kristin Page Stewart (Brooklyn, New York, USA)


"SandWoman" Written By: Samuel Sebastian, (Barcelona, Spain)


"Sister Bethany" Written by: Katie Letien, (Los Angeles, California, USA)


"Tata" Written by: Markus Mueller, (Brooklyn, New York, USA)


"Third Bomb, The" Written By: Phillip Parker, (Maroubra, NSW, Australia)


"Transformation Awaits" Written by: Rachel Goldberg and Jonathan Pope Evans, (Burbank, California, USA)


"Up in Flames" Written by: Jason Kessler, (Brooklyn, New York, USA)




The FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF), has secured its place in the global community as the portal for the best in international independent cinema, earning the respect of domestic and foreign filmmakers, filmgoers and trend watchers. This confluence of art and commerce brought together world-class celebrities, award-winning filmmakers, new talent and audience members in record numbers last year. Ranked as one of the top 10 Festivals in the United States, RIIFF is also a qualifying festival for the Short Film Academy Award through its affiliation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. There are 19 film festivals worldwide which share this distinction and RIIFF is the only festival in New England. The Festival takes place every August.


The next Festival will take place August 4-9, 2015. 


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