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• Photos Courtesy of Mike Braca


clockRIIFF /rif/ - acronym for Rhode Island International Film Festival
~ a 6-day event beginning the second week in August; always starting on a Tuesday at various locations throughout the State of Rhode Island with premiere works in the capital city of Providence;
~ the largest public film festival in New England and an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences qualifying event;

~ the major portal of entry for filmmakers to discover the Ocean State as a center for film development, talent and production;

~ a unique platform for the creative and cultural discovery of new cinematic talent, both at home, nationally and globally;

~ synonymous with sophisticated, savvy, discerning and film-loving audiences;

~ a Flickers production.


See who are RIIFF's Festival Partners, click here

Please Note: Office hours are M-F 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and by appointment


2014 AWARD WINNERS 2014 Horror Fest Winners2014 Screenplay Awards

• See Mike Braca's 2014 Festival Photos







2015 Rhode Island International Film Festival Call for Entries is Open


This year's deadlines:

January 15, 2015, early deadline with reduced rates; May 15, 2015, regular deadline; June 1, 2015, late deadline; June 15, 2015, final extended late deadline


Final Deadline for Screenplay Entries: July 15, 2015


Withoutabox logoThe Rhode Island International Film Festival is a founding partner of The International Film Festival Submission System (BrigitFest) – on the Web at Withoutabox.com and prefers paperless entries. Withoutabox provides cost-saving, online entry to major film festivals throughout the U.S. and in Europe with one master entry form, allowing you and us to enter your film more quickly and with greater accuracy. This method is free and easy. Withoutabox users enjoy the advantages of Extended Deadlines and Online Press Kit submissions and filmmakers with an upgraded project on Withoutabox receive $5.00 off their Entry Fees.



• Click here for the Downloadable Hard Copy Entry FormThe Fine Print (also found on Withoutabox.com)


• Click here for the Easy Payment Option for hard copy entries


Upcoming Flickers' Sidebar Festivals of Note:


Roving Eye Film Festival - April 12-19, 2015 and November 10, 11 & 15, 2015

Providence LGBTQ Film Festival - June 12-13, 2015 and August 5-9, 2015

KidsEye International Film Festival - August 4-8, 2015 and October 19, 20 & 24, 2015

Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival - October 19-25, 2015


Celebrating 100 Years of a Screen Legend




“ANTHONY QUINN: A 100 YEAR LEGACY” is a year-long focus by the Flickers: Rhode Isand International Film Festival (RIIFF) on the art, history and film of legendary actor, Anthony Quinn presented in collaboration with the RI Film and Television Office and the Anthony Quinn Foundation. anthonyQRunning through November 2015, this special program will include free screenings of his films at libraries across the state with a curated monthly series; scholarly monographs; panel discussions with film and history scholars; special breakout screenings of signature films, a student essay contest (high school and college) on the legacy of this seminal artist and a video competition geared for area college students to recreate a scene from one of five films that will be showcased: La Strada, Lust for Life, Requiem for a Heavyweight, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Guns of Navarone.


There have been a select few Latino actors who broke the barrier of language and stereotypes to make their way in the United States, paving the way for new generations of actors like Javier Bardem or Antonio Banderas. Perhaps the most notable was the magnificent Anthony Ruldolph Oaxaca Quinn, born on April 21, 1915, in Chihuahua, Mexico who became a Hispanic legend, managing to get from a humble beginning in Mexico to the most glittering reputation in Hollywood.


To learn more and to see the programming, click here.

Spring 2015


The Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival in collaboration with the French Consulate’s Cultural Service will be screening French short-films at different universities in the greater New England area throughout this Spring.


For this second edition, 3 French short-films from 2014 Festival have been selected. Shawn Quirk, Program Director for FLICKERS, working with Magali Boutiot, Mission culturelle et universitaire aux Etats-Unis, and Thierry Gustave, University of Massachusetts Boston, will travel to each of the host locations and lead a discussion after the screening. This program of immersion mixes film, language and arts providing a greater understanding of French culture.


This year's dates:


April 13: University of Massachusetts/Lowell, Lowell, Mass

May 6, 7 11: Bates College, Lewiston, Maine


...more to be announced.

2015 Programming at RIIFF



This Year's Program is Dedicated to the Life, Vision and Art of Actor, Anthony Quinn



April 12-19th

10th Annual Roving Eye Film Festival

FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) is proud to present its 10th annual Roving Eye International Film Festival™. The popular and acclaimed festival celebrates the film arts from across the globe. All programming is curated by RWU students from current entries to RIIFF. Along with shorts and documentaries, this year's Festival will feature guest speakers and panels, plus animation, Latin-American, Asian and student film sidebars. All screenings, unless otherwise noted, will be free and open to the public . Screenings will take place at the Global Heritage Hall and locations across the campus of Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI.


Visit the Roving Eye Web page: click here



Location:, Roger Williams University, Bristol,

Dates: April 12-19th

Time: Will Vary by Day

Cost: Free Event


• Hosted by the RWU Film Production Club • www.rwu.edu


April 16th

JAC Third Thursday Encore Film Series

Films with a Twist

Join us for a special monthly series from the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival that presents some of the best films screened during the 2014 Festival. This month we rediscover an amazing and powerful program of short films that were screened at RIIFF last August. As always, the JAC program this month is one not to miss!


Dog Food | Directed by Brian Crano | 18 min. | 2013, USA

When Declan loses his dog and best friend Ralphie, his life starts to unravel.


Entre Chien et Loup (Spare Change) | Directed by Daniel Isaiah Schacter | 17 min. | 2013, Canada

Sophie and Dave, old college friends, run into each other downtown. It's their first time seeing one another in over a decade. Their chance encounter wouldn't have lasted long if Dave, now homeless and peniless, hadn't asked Sophie to let him take a shower at her place. Over a drunken night at Sophie's apartement, these two old friends get to know each other again. But Dave be trusted?


Homophonia | Directed by Jim Jermanok | 3 min. | 2014, USA

A man, late for a hearing on gay marriage, tries to get directions from his smart phone and discovers she is part of the opposition.


In der Stille der Nacht (In the Still of The Night) | Directed by Erich Steiner | 14 min. | 2014, Austria

On a rainy autumn night, a storm approaches. Three children are waiting for their father, again late from work. When he finally arrives and even brings gifts, the children's eyes shine. Only the eldest daughter is suspicious, feeling that their parents are hiding something...


Mouse-X | Directed by Justin Tagg | 15 min. | 2014, United Kingdom

Mouse-X is a mystery/sci-fi story about Anderson, a man who wakes in a building with no idea where he is or how he got there, before slowly discovering that in each of the rooms around him are a thousand clones of himself, all of whom woke into the same mysterious scenario. To escape he needs to outwit his 'selves' whilst overcoming the realisation that he is not the only Anderson...


Only Gilt | Directed by Lara Del Arte | 11 min. | 2014, Australia

11 year old Gary is in love with Kim, the girl next door. After he discovers he's caused the death of her beloved pet budgie, he tries desperately to cover up his mistake or forever wear a birdcage on his head.


Verbatim | Directed by Brett Weiner | 7 min. | 2013, USA

A jaded lawyer wastes the better part of an afternoon trying to figure out if a dim-witted government employee has ever used a photocopier. All the dialogue in this short is 100% real, taken from an actual deposition filed with the Ohio State Supreme Court.

Location: Jamestown Arts Center, 18 Valley Street, Jamestown

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 • Tickets available at the door • www.jamestownartcenter.org

May 16th

giveME5GIVE ME 5: RI Teen Film Festival

The Rhode Island Film and Television Office, in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Education Program, the Rhode Island Film and TV Office, the Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival, the RI Film Collaborative, the RI Arts Learning Network, and the Harrington School of Communications and Media, announces the fourth annual "Give Me Five" youth film showcase.


The Call for Entries Application deadline is TBA.


This year's discussion panel will include Steven Feinberg (Director of the RI Film and Television Office in the Rhode Island Department of Administration); and others TBA


See the GiveMe5 Facebook site, click here

Location: Greenwich Odeum Theatre, 59 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: Free



May 21st

JAC Third Thursday Encore Film Series

"Mais Oui" French Shorts

Join us for a special monthly series from the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival that presents some of the best films screened during the 2014 Festival. This month we rediscover an amazing and powerful program of short films that were screened at RIIFF last August. As always, the JAC program this month is one not to miss!


Je suis un actrice (I am an Actress) | Directed by Benoit Lach | 8 min. | Canada.

A young actress is willing to do whatever it takes to get a part in the film of a famous director. An opening night selection, and Grand prize winner - Best Comedy short at the 2014 RIIFF. More info: www.blachfilms.com


La Terre Brulee (The Burning Land) | Directed by Julien Meynet | 24 min. | France.

A young washerwoman and a wounded man encounter invading soldiers at the end of the 18th century on the island of Corsica. More info: www.jumeynet.wix.com/laterrebrulee and www.facebook.com/laterrebrulee


Mecs Meufs (Guys Girls) | Directed by Liam Engle | 13 min. | France.

Bob knows that when it comes to seduction, men are the weaker sex. But what if things were switched around? More info: www.facebook.com/mecsmeufs


Nous sommes tous des etres penches… (We are all Leaning…) | Directed by Lelouch Simon | 27 min. | France.

We are all leaning beings…that is our way of standing tall. Buffalo Bill’s son does not shoot as well as his father, but he is training. Maybe Paul cuts hair just as well as his father, but to do so his Dad would have to give him his chance, or at least witness his skills. More info: www.nstdep-lefilm.com


Toutes des connes (Life’s a Bitch) | Directed by Francois Jaros | 6 min. | Canada.

Love, grief, shock, denial, sleeplessness, bubble-bath, pop tarts, pigeons… 95 scenes in 5 minutes, life’s a bitch. A best editing short at the 2014 RIIFF. More info: www.francoisjaros.com

Location: Jamestown Arts Center, 18 Valley Street, Jamestown

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 suggested donation • Tickets available at the door • www.jamestownartcenter.org

June 3rd

You Be The Judge Night" at the Jewish Alliance

Help us Create this Year's "Providence Jewish Film Festival"

Special Partnership Screening with the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

jewishAEvery year the Festival receives thousands of film submissions. Last year, just over 5,400 films were entered in and out of competition to RIIFF. Of these entries, several hundred deal with themes of interest to the Jewish community. How do we select those titles that screen the Festival and sidebars during the year? Come to the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island and find out. At our "You Be The Judge" Nights, attendees see the latest work we've received and have a voice in shaping our selections. It's great fun, an evening of discovery and introduces you to a great community of folks who love films!

Location: Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, 401 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: TBA • Tickets available at the door


June 12-13th


FLICKERS: Providence LGBTQ Film Festival Preview

roleA celebration of the Best of LGBTQ Shorts; plus a sneak peak of a major new film

Films made by, for and about the LGBTQ community take the spotlight in a special celebration preview through a unique partnership among FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Equity Action, the Bell Street Chapel & The Vets. The preview will feature cutting edge shorts and a sneak peak of a major new film. This year the LGBTQ festival during RIIFF in August is screening over 40 films from across the globe on an array of topics that touch everything from relationships, gay marriage to military policy. To read more about the event, coming


Date: Friday -Saturday, June 12-13, 2015

Time: 7:30 p.m.


• The Vets, 6th Floor Ballroom, 83 Park Stret, Providence, RI

• The Bell Street Chapel Theatre, 5 Bell Street, Providence, RI

Cost: $10 donation; $8 for RIIFF CinemaRI members. Tickets available at the door.

Contact 401-861-4445 for more information.


July 6-10th:

KidsEye™ Summer Filmmaking Camp

Now in its 17th Year!

KidsEye™ is a fun yet intensive five-day filmmaking camp for children ages 8-17 presented by FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival™. Over the course of the last 17 years, the camp has expanded, allowing children to learn more about what it takes to make a movie. We strive to incorporate as much hands-on learning as possible, therefore placing our focus primarily on production. KidsEye™ participants step into the roles of screenwriters, actors, directors and crew, and learn the importance of working as a team.


Please note that we limited the number of campers to 60 insuring the best possible experience and student to teacher ratio.


To learn more, please click here.

The Next Summer Filmmaking Camp Dates: July 6-10, 2015
Our Location: Kingston, RI
2015 Cost: $395

Thanks to Rule Boston Camera, the University of Rhode Island and the Harrington School of Communications for their ongoing support!


August 4-9th:

Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival

riiff2012The Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) runs August 4-9th at venues in Providence, Bristol, Jamestown, Westerly, East Greenwich, Newport, Woonsocket and across the state of Rhode Island. Screening over 260 films, it is the largest film festival in New England and every year attracts more than 5,400 entries from around the world. More than 240 filmmakers are expected to descend on the state’s capital city this year. RIIFF is a magnet for those who’ve made short films because it is a qualifying event for the short film category of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 2014, five of the films that premiered at RIIFF went on to receive Academy Award nominations.


The FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) discovers and empowers filmmakers. RIIFF incorporates gala celebrations, premiere screenings, VIP guests, industry seminars, educational programs, and award ceremonies into a weeklong extravaganza. Cited as one of the "Best International and Short Film Festivals in the United States," RIIFF is noted for its innovative programming, cultivated industry ties, and loyal audiences which have made the Festival a strategic and desirable platform for film premieres, drawing hundreds of independent filmmakers from around the globe.


August 4th


Discover an unforgettably memorable selection of short films from around the world and New England that await audiences at the gala opening night of the 19th Annual Flickers. This year’s selection promises to engage, entertain and possibly discover the next Academy Award nominee. As part of it’s long tradition, Flickers will celebrate the “Art of the Short Film” representing an array of genres that salute RIIFF’s unique status: out of more than 7,000 film festivals world wide, the Rhode Island International Film Festival is one of only 19 qualifying Festivals with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—the Oscars––in the narrative and documentary short categories. It is the lone Festival in New England with that distinction.


Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Time: 7:00 p.m. for film screenings/premiere; 9:30 p.m. for Gala Soirée

Location: Providence Performing Arts Center, Weybosset Street, Providence

Cost: Opening Night Film Celebration - $15.00 for film screening only; and $50 for the screening and party;

Sponsors: Sony, Providence Tourism Council, RI Film & Television Office, RISCA, Decadent Catering

August 5th


Discover why Providence is truly a Hollywood backlot, learn about its history, and find out about some of our state's most notable and colorful characters. The goal for the tour is to provide filmmakers with an “insider’s” view of the downcity and riverwalk area with an eye toward what would be interesting/unanticipated places for filming.


Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Location: The tour starts at The Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Providence, RI

Cost: $10

Sponsors: RI Historical Society and the RI Film & Television Office

August 5-9th:


Since it began 17 years ago, KidsEye™, created by FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) has celebrated the most exceptional work of young video makers by showcasing their projects. Rhode Island’s premiere showcase of cinematic work focused on young people has become a popular festival-within-a festival, featuring guest speakers, discussions, dance parties, concerts, and a "Youth Open Screen." Those attending KidsEye™ will be able to meet youth video makers and their mentors; see a diverse collection of youthproduced media. On Saturday, be sure to join us for the premiere work of the students from our annual KidsEye™ Summer Filmmaking Camp.


Dates: Wednesday through Sunday, August 5-9, 2015

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Location: Paaf Theatre, URI Feinstein College of Continuing Education, 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI, other locations TBA

Cost: $8 Adults; $6 children with group discounts available

August 6th


Here’s your chance to become involved with Rhode Island and New England’s “Stars” of the film industry. The popular one-day forum brings together leaders of the film community with decision-makers in education, marketing, politics and media in the region. This year’s Forum will also address what's new on the technical side of the business and how you fit in!


To see the full program roster and guest speakers, coming

Dates: Thursday, August 6, 2015
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Location: The Providence Biltmore Ballroom, Dorrance Street, Providence, RI
Cost: $30
Sponsors: The RI Film & Television Office, RISCA, Sony, Amtrak, The Providence Biltmore, URI College of Arts and Sciences, URI Feinstein College of Continuing Education, the URI Film Media Program and the Harrington School of Communication at


August 7th


Uploaded Got a great idea for a movie script, but don’t know where to begin? Or have youfinished that masterpiece, but no clue what to do next? The 19th Annual FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) proudly presents ScriptBiz 2015 Uploaded a one day
workshop that covers the nuts and bolts of being a scriptwriter. The program is broken down into two parts: introductory and advanced. The Flickers’ ScriptBiz Program is designed to guide writers not only through the creative process of writing, but ways to promote a screenplay to filmmakers through effective networking with tips on how to make a compelling pitch. 

Date: Friday, August 7, 2015
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: The Rhode Island Foundation, One Union Street, Providence, RI
Cost: $85
Sponsors: Sony, Final Draft, RISCA, RI Film & Television Office



A special Festival collaboration linking artistic events that take place in the city of Providence on Saturday, August 8th as a way to introduce not just Festival audiences, but visiting filmmakers, to the rich culture and arts programming of the capital city. Audiences are encouraged not only to take in premiere film work, but to savor Waterfire, enjoy the sounds of AS220’s Foo Fest, take in the RISD Museum and to close the evening out at the Dark Lady, 124 Snow Street for the Festival’s annual Block Party where they can mingle with visiting filmmakers.

Date: Saturday, August 8, 2015
Time: 10:00 p.m. onward
Location: The Dark Lady, 17 Snow Street, Providence, RI
Cost: TBA
Sponsors: The Dark Lady, The Dean

News for Filmmakers

RIIFF continues its special filmmaker partnership with UniFrance


uniFranceWe are very pleased to report that the FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival will continue to partner with UniFrance. French films submitted will be offered a special reduced rate through UniFrance. This unique collaboration was created to show our support for international filmmakers, while providing a portal for discovery and exhibition in the United States.


For more information about UniFrance, click on the image above.

• Download the Online Program Guide •


The 2014 Film Schedule

RIIFF Merchandise 2014 Festival Genius Guide

• View RIIFF Photos by Mike Braca


RIIFF's 2014 Opening Night
GLBT Film Festival Sidebar
2014 Finalist Judges

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