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A Reflection on America 2020 and beyond...



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela



Flickers stands in solidarity with the Black community, our friends, colleagues and partners around the world, in the fight against systemic racism, injustice and inequality.


As an organization, we are committed to social justice and inclusion for all. Flickers recognizes the pain, sadness, and anger that is being felt so acutely by the Black and Brown people whose lives have been defined and profoundly affected by these issues.


We watch recent events with sadness and disappointment. Flickers actively supports diversity, inclusiveness, and respect of all individuals. Flickers condemns acts of violence and encourages all to work together for a better future. Our motto for 40 years has been “Through Communication Comes Understanding;” and to achieve understanding one must first take the time to listen. That is the first step in fostering change.


During this very challenging time of a global pandemic, great social and political upheaval, and severe economic insecurity, Flickers will continue to do what it was created to do: foster dialogue and connection. We invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and we urge you to listen to those of others. Black Lives Matter.


Let us pause to mourn, to honor their memories, to condemn their senseless deaths and to reflect upon the countless more whose lives have been taken.


Clifford Glover

Claude Reese

Randy Evers

Yvonne Smallwood

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

Oscar GranT

Aiyana Jones

Trayvon Martin

Jordan Davis

Jonathan Ferrell

Renisha McBride

Eric Garner

John Crawford

Michael Brown

Ezell Ford

Michelle Cusseaux

Laquan Anderson

Tamir Rice

Walter Scott

Freddie Gray

Sandra Bland

Corey Jones

Delrawn Small

Philando Castlle

Alton Sterling

Terence Crutcher

Keith Scott

Jordan Edwards

Stephon Clark

Botham Jean

Atatiana Jefferson

Ahmaud Arbery

Breonna Taylor

George Floyd

Tony McDade . . .


Please respect one another to create & inspire change peacefully.


Continue to be safe, stay positive and be well.



Below are a few resources we found to continue educating ourselves and to support the movement.


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