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RIIFF 2002 Film Schedule


Feature Films A-C

Friday August 9th Castle Cinema 9:30PM

After the Flood
Company: Alterity Films
Director / Writer: Robert Saitzyk
Producers: Aaron Rice, Robert Saitzyk
Director of Photography: Matt Siegel
Cast: Shawn Andrews, Ola Metwally, Joseph Chase
Runtime: 81min
Country: USA
Format: 35mmAfter the Flood follows a young man's desperate search for spiritual redemption on the streets. A provocative character study, the film spirals through a gritty urban neo-realism, then into haunting, surreal images that evoke the loss of innocence and a fractured, vulnerable sexuality. After the Food is a visceral, uncompromising portrait of a soul struggling to escape the prison of the modern city.

Sunday August 11th Columbus Cinemateque 1:10PM
The Arena
Runtime: 48min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
Scene of Combat, usually in the middle of, as in Roman amphitheatre. Scene of any conflict or vigorous action; as in World War, as in boxing matches, as in politics. A group of citizens whose lives have been affected by Rabin Square (previously called the Kings of Israel Square) set out to change the Tel Aviv Municipal plan to reconstruct the Square, which has become a part of their own story, or better yet, history. What makes this giant, somewhat broken and neglected spot in the center of Tel Aviv, such an important place in the lives of these people, and the rest of us? History is viewed through a place, a venue that comes alive with new emotions, personal stories, and national dramas. This is the place that absorbs and experiences but cannot tell. We will tell. We will tell our own story through this place, which has become The Arena, our town square, which draws people by thousands to celebrate, protest, and mourn.


Members of the crew will be in attendance.

Friday August 9th URI 2:15PM
Bang the Machine
World Premiere
Company: JSF Entertainment
Director: Tamara Katepoo
Producers: Tamara Katepoo, Richard Lowe Editor: Richard Lowe
Cinematographer: Paul Starkman
Music: Ian Gittler
Runtime: 74 min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
Cali-Power, Spider-Dan, Choi-boy and Apocalypse are among the elite players competing in the national Street Fighter video game tournament. The prize: a place on the first ever United States team to face the Japanese national team in Tokyo. When the players reach Japan, old rivalries surface and Team USA begins to fall apart. Bang the Machine observes the characters and culture surrounding the Streetfighter video game tournament scene. In documenting the fierce competition and bitter rivalries between players, the film examines the ways in which young men define their identities and relate to each other.

Friday August 9th Castle Cinema 7:00PM
Company: Highwire Films Ltd., Overseas Film Group, Propaganda Films
Director: Kasia Adamik
Cast: Lee Tergesen, Heather Morgan, Lisa Kudrow, Vincent D'Onofrio
Runtime: 94min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
A devoted husband finds he's out of his depth with a mysterious malady that afflicts his wife. She thinks she's a dog. Earlier in their marriage, she was a tender spouse and a gentle animal lover. Over time, breaking down in the face of the world's cruelty, she has surrendered to a crazy wish to simplify her life once and for all: to love, and be loved unconditionally; and just bark! Her husband consults a ne'er-do-well chum, a panicky, romance-minded veterinarian, and a high-strung psychiatrist who thinks barking your way through life may not be such a bad idea. He even tries to involve his in-laws in his wife's predicament, but they are so absurdly self-absorbed that her refusal to continue as a human finally begins to make a sort of crooked sense.

Thursday August 8th Columbus Theatre 9:30PM
Behind the Red Door
World Premiere
Company: Red Door Films
Director / Writer: Matia Karrell
Producer: Kjehjl Rasmussen
Director of Cinematography: Robert Elswit
Music: David Fleury
Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Kyra Sedgewick, Stockard Channing
Runtime: 100 min
Country: USA / Canada
Format: 35MM
BEHIND THE RED DOOR is the true story of a woman's journey through the forgotten past of her family's violent history, her mother's tragic murder, and her search back to herself and to her heart. Natalie's last chance for redemption, and for freeing herself from her past by facing the truth she has hidden from all her life, comes unexpectedly when a crisis reunites her with her long-estranged brother, Roy. When a mutual friend tricks Natalie into going to Boston and forcing a reunion with her brother, her small, protected world starts to come apart. Roy is dying, and is desperate to have his sister by his side, but she is as desperate to stay away, out of the reach of his rage. His fear of not being loved and hers to love at all, is their conflict as Natalie uncovers the answer to a question she's always had, an answer she always knew but was afraid to see: the truth about her Mother's dark, untimely death. Their conflict resolves through the ultimate realization that she and her brother are two sides of the same emotional coin and that only with his love does she have the courage to overcome the shadowed, abusive childhood that still envelops them. They rediscover the meaning of family and of loyalty. Natalie had come home to save her brother's life and instead he saves hers. Director Matia Karrell will be in attendance.

Thursday August 8th Columbus Cinemateque 5:30PM
Best Wishes
Company: Sweet Moon Pictures
Director / Producer / Writer: Joffre McClung
Cinematographer: Brad Walker
Music: Tom McKurk
Cast: Joffre McClung, Danielle Rickmann
Runtime: 93 min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
Peggy Durham is a white middle class housewife with an extraordinary talent for baking. Unfortunately, her husband, Stan appreciates neither her nor her baking. Peggy, however finds comfort in her fantasy life as a Film Noir femme fatale pursued by a sexy, mysterious detective, who more than makes up for what's missing in her marriage. Lucille Baker is a black waitress struggling to make ends meet. Unlike Peggy, Lucille has a wonderful husband, Harry, who not only understands and appreciates her but is always there to listen when she needs to speak her mind, which she does often! The only problem is, he's dead.

BEST WISHES is the story about how two birthday wishes, made on the same night in 1958 Texas, bring these two seemingly different women together. And while their friendship, at first, allows them a safe place to be just who they are, it is eventually this friendship - and a strawberry tart - that forces them to confront the "truth" of who they are not. In the end, it is a story of hope and friendship and the things you can achieve if you are truly willing to have your wishes come true

Thursday, August 8th Hoyts Cinema 7:00 PM
Saturday August 10th Castle Cinema 7:00 PM

Blind Spot
Company: Public Pictures
Director: Stefan Woloszczuk
Cast: James Franco, Shawn Montgomery, Mark Patrick Gleason
A drama that chronicles the journey of three desperate strangers who have all been cheated by the same man. Traveling from Los Angeles to San Francesco by way of Death Valley, the three try to con one another for personal gain. In the odd and frightening events that ensue, they develop an expected bond that changes their lives forever.

The Tribecca Film Festival called Blind Spot "an intoxicating cinematic trip characterized by malevolent Lynchian undercurrents with noir ambiguities."

Friday August 9th URI 12:00PM
Come Together
Company: Rocket Chicken International Pictures Inc.
Director: Jeff Macpherson
Producer: Laura Harris
Cast: Tygh Runyan, Lynn Redgrave, Eryn Collins, Laura Harris, Russell Porter, Tanya Macpherson Runtime: 78min
Country: Canada
Format: BetaSP
In a hilarious examination of a failed relationship, Charlotte has invited ex-boyfriend Ewan to attend her marriage of a man with great wealth and great facial structure. In hopes to gain closure, Ewan comes to town for the ceremony and meets 17-year-old Amy Collins, a disarming teen dream who quickly falls for the heartbroken writer. A movie about love's detritus and how to date a teen without knowing it, explored in an unexpected way.