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RIIFF 2002 Film Schedule


Short Films M-P

Saturday August 10th Columbus Cinemateque 7:40PM
The Machine
Director: Michael Craft
Runtime: 18 min
Country: Australia
Format: Beta SP
Inside an abandoned Briefcase, Max baker finds a device that can realize his deepest desires. It takes him to a world of extreme beauty and unbridled temptation. He is empowered by the knowledge it gives him, consumed by the visions he has seen. He cannot resist the desire to return. Thus driven by a force he cannot control, And enchanted by a vision he cannot understand, he descends into the world of the Machine.

Saturday August 10th URI 3:10PM
March 1st
Company: Iconoclastic Films
Director: Eric Devlin Taylor
Runtime: 7min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
Shot in one continuous take, March 1ST presents six minutes of satire on the effects of death in an otherwise perfect world. Gibson arrives home from work to receive the news of his father's death. Precisely as the news hits him, Gibson's three best friends enter the apartment from various engagements, each having had potentially the best days of their lives. As Gibson tries to sort through his twist of fate, his friends precede to verbally assault him with the great details of their good fortune. The self-absorbed bliss of Gibson's friends prevents them from ever reaching out to Gibson, or even letting him speak, resulting in a frenzied moment of egomaniacal salvo.


Thursday August 8th URI 2:15PM
Director / Writer: Victor Viyuoh
Runtime: 13 min
Country: Cameroon
Format: 16mm
12-year-old Napo sets out to prove his doubting brother and mother wrong by trying to get termites out of a termite mound.


Friday August 9th Columbus Theatre 2:45PM
Melting Glass
Company: Suede Films
Director: Patrick Grandaw
Runtime: 28min
Country: USA / Czech Republic
Format: 35MM
Melting Glass is a poignant story of an intense emotional relationship between an American glass-blower in Prague and his Czech fiancé. When pressured by his American parent company to 'improve' on the process of Bohemian crystal, already a nearly perfect process, his answer is to increase production. As a result of his efforts, he is called back to America for a promotion, to the detriment of the relationship with his fiancé, who wishes to stay near her family in Prague. She finally agrees to go with him to America on one condition: that they get the approval of her family, an approval not forthcoming. Through this intriguing and personal drama, Jerry learns that love over international borders can be more fragile than crystal.


Saturday August 10th Castle Cinema 7:00PM
Director: Ingrid Kirkland
Runtime: 26min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
Mr. and Mrs., two "on their way out" famous Hollywood actors, have a party the night before their scheduled poolside ABC interview. Feeling less than well the following day, Mr. and Mrs. cocktail over breakfast amidst a flurry of expletives and damage from the night before. Their assistant, May, and cook, Lupe, work to prepare them for their afternoon on-camera appearance. The interview, which begins well, soon spirals out of control and reveals the complexities of their relationship, from tender love to bitter jealousies and co-dependence.


Saturday August 10th Castle Cinema 9:30PM
Director: David Brooks
Runtime: 13min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
member is a hypnotic, hallucinogenic, fast-cut, 15-minute swerve and screech around the streets of Los Angeles, driven by 19 year-old Gianni. You're not just in the car with him - you are inside his head. His mind has been tainted and twisted by LA - the ubiquitous ad campaigns that bang at his brain, the pressure to "con-fucking-form," the desire to belong. Now he wants retribution.


Sunday August 11th Columbus Cinemateque 3:30PM
Mitch Dorge: Downsampling
Company: FarPoint Films, Inc.
Director: John Barnard
Runtime: 24min
Country: Canada
Format: BETA SP
Crash Test Dummies' drummer Mitch Dorge makes the transition from large scale to up close and personal to proclaim that the answers to some of life' s toughest questions lie in music.


Saturday August 10th Columbus Theatre 7:15PM
The Moment After
World Premiere
Director: Gerald McCullough
Runtime: 13min
Country: USA
Format: 35mm
The Moment After is a journey during a surprise birthday event of a lifetime. This seemingly idyllic day is shattered as Tracey is forced to face a disturbing reality.


Thursday August 8th Columbus Cinemateque 1:00PM
Moving Images
Director: Joel Schlemowitz
Runtime: 14 min
Country: USA
Format: 16mm
Jonas Mekas, one of the Film-Makers' Cooperative's founders, and MM Serra, the current executive director, describe the Coop's beginnings, the organization's recent struggles, and the difficulties of finding space for the arts, over richly layered images of the Coop's recent move.


Saturday August 10th Columbus Cinemateque 3:10PM
My Girlfriend's Dead
Company: Moon Cricket Entertainment
Director: Luke S Goljan, Esq.
Runtime: 3 min
Country: USA
Format: Beta SP
My Girlfriend's Dead spins the tale of a young man so completely depressed at the loss of his girlfriend that he just can't talk about it. Yet everyone keeps asking about her. And so he formulates a crafty plan to just tell them all that she's dead! It works pretty well and allows him plenty of catharsis but he can't hide the feelings he still has for her. Animated to the song by the punk group The Vandals, who loved it so much they're including it on their next release. Warning: contains lots of stick figure violence!


Sunday August 11th Columbus Cinemateque 3:30PM
Company: Syncope productions
Director: Gerda Johanna Cammaer
Runtime: 13min
Country: Canada
Format: Beta SP
Neuma is a Mozambican girl. She wonders on the brackish land between ebb and flow on the beach. She is wearing a white transparent dress that reveals the dark contours of her body in the soft light of a shy African sun on a cloudy day. She is searching for something. She pores wholes in the mud with a stick. She carries a transparent plastic bag as if it was the purse that matches her dress. She moves back and forth. Her movements all so graceful. A ballet, a dance. Plain simple beauty. A plainsong that in duet with the camera becomes a polyphonic hymn with different tones of waves and different waves of tones.


Thursday August 8th URI 6:45PM
Night Train
World Premiere
Director: Hong Zhou
Runtime: 39 min.
Country: USA/Canada
Format: Beta SP
A Toronto subway purse-snatcher's (Pascal Boisvert) reality gets blurred upon acquiring a Bloor line local's (Marisa Zaza) diary.

Saturday August 10th URI 11:00AM
Company: Video Femmes
Director : Geneviéve Allard
Runtime: 7min
Country: Canada
Format: BETA SP
The oceanids, daughters of the ancient gods, embody in the human dreams all the mystery and the poetical nature of the marine worlds. Inspired by a pagan past, this short art video brings us for a sweet moment in meditative realms of fancy.


Monday August 12th Columbus Theatre 7:15PM
Ocha Cups for Christmas
Director: Michael Fimognari
Runtime: 29 min
Country: USA
Format: 35mm
It is Christmas in Japan and Karen, an American exchange student, is miserably homesick. Frustrated with her poor Japanese language skills and the unyielding cultural differences, Karen surrenders to her despair by stealing tea-cups from her host family. Seeking to end her loneliness, Karen attracts Mr. Tomori, a charming English teacher who finally offers some comfort - but also another secret to hide - in a forbidden relationship outside the school. English and Japanese with English subtitles.


Thursday August 8th Columbus Cinemateque 9:45PM
Runtime: 15min
Country: USA
Format: 16MM
An eccentric inventor stalks a deaf mute girl, proving his independence by working her parents' hardware store.

Monday August 12th Columbus Theatre 7:15PM
Director: Natasha Maidoff
Runtime: 12min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
A woman is locked out of her house and is then knocked unconscious by a falling orange, whereupon she experiences surreal moment of enlightenment.


Thursday August 8th Columbus Theatre 2:45PM
New England Premiere
Peeping Tom
Director: Jason Todd Ipson
Runtime: 11min
Country: USA
Format: 35MM
Teetering just south of puberty, Thomas Harris has discovered that instead of looking at stars, he can use his telescope to study the beautiful neighbor woman. While "studying", he is busted by his mother and begs her not to tell his dad. At dinner, when Thomas's brother Sean finds a wishbone, Mr. Harris proclaims, "Make a wish on a wishbone, your dreams come true!" Thomas, wide-eyed with excitement, wishes to finally see his dream woman naked. Thomas' wish comes true and he stays up all night watching her. He pays the price for his sleepless night, however, the next morning when his father awakens him into a whole NUDE WORLD. To confirm his worst fears, Thomas sprints outside and discovers that it is not just a terrible dreamˆ his vision may never be the same


Thursday August 8th Castle Cinema 7:00PM
US Premiere

Company: 3-Legged Dog Films
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly
Runtime: 5min
Country: Canada
Format: 35MM
Based on an excerpt from the award-winning play, White Biting Dog by critically acclaimed author Judith Thompson, the films follows the journey of a young woman who kills herself in hopes of saving her dysfunctional lover from self-destruction.


Thursday August 8th Castle Cinema 9:30PM
Power Showers
Company: Spirafilm
Director: Jeremy Peter-Allen, Martin Le Blanc
Runtime: 11min
Country: Canada
Format: video
No water application will be harmful to your health if the method prescribed by Father Kneipp is followed.


Friday August 9th URI 4:30PM
Pussies from Outta Space
Director: Nanci Gaglio
Runtime: 13min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
This silent fairy-tale cum B-horror tells the story of two girls: a worker-waif and her artist-girl lover who must pay the rent. So the artist sets out for her first 'real job' but things turn other-world terrorizing before she can make the interview!