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RIIFF 2002 Film Schedule


Short Films Q-S

Friday August 9th Columbus Theatre 5:00PM
The Quarry
Director: Greg Chwerchak
Runtime: 29 min
Country: USA
Format: 35mm
It was just a regular "ladies" night or at least it was supposed to be. The next morning a handsome foreigner is found dead in the quarry behind a rural New Jersey home. Was it murder? An accident? A drunken orgy gone wrong? Three small-town cops put the pieces together from the very different recollections of the women involved.


Thursday August 8th Castle Cinema 9:30PM
Quebec, Quebec
Company: Spirafilm
Director: Daniel Bilodeau
Runtime: 15min
Country: Canada
Format: 16MM
With the passing of the four seasons, Quebec City is illustrated by nature's four elements: water and the founding of the city, earth and the story told by its architecture, fire and man's combat against harsh winter conditions, and air, the festival spirit.


Saturday August 10th Columbus Cinemateque 3:10PM
Reaper, Sheeper, Treasure Seeker
Director: Dave Lieber
Runtime: 15min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
Reaper, Sheeper, Treasure Seeker is a Clay/Puppet Animated story about Death, a Sheep, and four Pirates, and how their lives coexist and intersect in a coincidental and cosmic fashion.


Thursday August 8th Columbus Cinemateque 1:00PM
Rise 'n' Shine
Company: Telepathetic Productions
Director: Paul Greenhouse
Runtime: 26min
Country: USA
Format: 16MM
Herve Hausman, a diabetic in his seventies, has a new visiting nurse, Nancy. Herve falls in love, kind of. Nancy humors him. He decides he must prove his manhood to her. Rise 'n' Shine is a drama with lighter moments. It deals with aging and the desexualization of the elderly.


Thursday August 8th URI 2:15PM
World Premiere

The Sadhu
Director: Mark Morris
Runtime: 33min
Country: USA
Format: 16MM
An inner city cemetery worker who stays in New Orleans ninth ward is confronted by a shocking personal tragedy. A mysterious East Indian holy man who never says a word steadies his faith.


Saturday August 10th URI 3:10PM
Director: John Cronin
Runtime: 25min
Country: Japan
Format: BETA SP
Kenji and Miho Suzuki married for the wrong reasons (Kenji because there aren't any unmarried managers at his company, and Miho because she wants to be a wife and mother.) Kenji cracks under pressure and comes home early one day believing that he lost his penis, and that he is totally naked. Miho humors him, until Kenji reveals what he really thinks about her. Miho then decides to get pregnant and have him committed. The problem being that getting pregnant is no guarantee. She has sex with this sad, sick human being religiously every morning after checking a home-pregnancy test, which reveals that she's not there yet. Will she end up pregnant or crazer than him? Or is she already?


Thursday August 8th Columbus Cinemateque 1:00PM
Director: Trevor Ristow
Runtime: 17min
Country: USA
Format: 16mm
New York City, winter. Eddie and his best friend Austin, two streetwise teenagers, are trying to raise money the old fashioned way: ripping people off. But after three of their recent victims return to settle accounts, Austin ends up in the hospital and Eddie, paralyzed by fear during the initial confrontation, now incongruously vows revenge. The problem is, neither Austin nor his girlfriend Amanda believes that Eddie has what it takes to follow through. His sudden resolve, fueled by his crush on Amanda, whom he hopes to impress with his bravado, propels him on a journey of violence, fear, uncertainty, and — ultimately — discovery.


Thursday August 8th Castle Cinema 9:30PM
Seconde Valse
Company: Spirafilm
Director: Denis Cote, Steve Asselin
Runtime: 18min
Country: Canada
Format: digital / video
Three days in the life of two children aged 9 and 10. Shot in north-western New Brunswick, Seconde Valse is an impressionistic exploration of time and space through a collection of chosen moments.


Friday August 9th URI 4:30PM
Shades Of Gray
Director: Branislav Bala
Runtime: 15min
Country: USA
Format: Beta SP
A comedy about a suburban couple, which spends an unusual night after the husband encounters a woman from his past. This brief encounter makes him question his life so far. He decides to do something about it. But what will his wife say?


Saturday August 10th Columbus Theatre 2:45PM
Sunday August 11th Columbus Theatre 5:00PM

Company: Shakti Films
Director: Malik Booth
Runtime: 15 min
Country: USA
A hit man, Sidney has a run in with his boss, Clarissa about his unmoral style of killing. Clarissa scares Sidney into memories of his war torn life in Bosnia. This triggers his conscience to haunt Sidney and eventually redeem itself.


Friday August 9th Columbus Cinemateque 9:45PM
World Premiere

Company: Singular Films, LLC
Director: Tom Dennis
Runtime: 30 min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
Abe Visconti must contend with amnesia, incriminating evidence and gossip-starved townspeople in an attempt to explain the mysterious disappearance of his best friend, Jon VanKeeson. Already scornful of their close bond, family and friends become more suspicious when all clues point to foul play.


Saturday August 10th IMAX 9:30AM
Le Souffle D'Elian
Company: Spirafilm
Director: Cimon Charest
Runtime: 32min
Country: Canada
Format: 16MM
In an ecologically ravaged future, a young man seeks the essential liquid required for his survival suit.


Friday August 9th Columbus Cinemateque 3:10PM
Study of the Moment
Director: Caroline Roccabello
Runtime: 6min
Country: USA
Format: BETA SP
The film follows the director taking a walk and suddenly being faced with the thought of mortality. The final product is meant to inspire the audience to think about how death is a reminder to live life well — and live it now.