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End of Winter Animation Festival

Screening of Cutting-edge Animated Short FIlms at the Barrington Public Library, March 11th




There was a time when animated films were simply considered cartoons without having any relationship to the real world. Still images projected at 24 frames per second were created to reflect imaginary worlds or exaggerated storylines, often for humor and mostly for escapist entertainment. With the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI), all of that changed. Today, elements of what would have been considered animation are in major films from “Lord of the Rings” the remake of “King Kong” to the most recent “Spiderwick Chronicles.” The question if what actually makes up an animated film is addressed by the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) with its first ever “End Of Winter Animated Film Festival” on March 11th, 7:00 p.m. at the Barrington Public Library, in Barrington R.I. This is a free event and it will feature a selection of cutting edge animated independent films.


Curated by Michael Viera of the Met School, the inaugural, Winter Animation Film Festival is a free screening designed to showcase some of the best animated films that have been screened at RIIFF.


Michael went through the extensive RIIFF archives and has selected seven amazing films that were created by filmmakers across the globe: Mexico, Spain, England, France, Canada and the United States.


According to Mike, "The 2008 End of Winter Animation Film Festival will be a great way to get a perspective of the different varieties of independent animated films, and also a good way to observe the amount of hard work and effort that goes into making these films."


Films in the series include:


Voodoo Bayou

Director: Javier Gutierrez, Mexico, 2007, 11 min.
A dark den in a wicked corner of the world magical things happen, of terrifying proportions… this is a thrilling film about a doll and his escape from the evil clutches of what appears to be a witch…

ViAjE A MARTE (Voyage to Mars)

Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina, 2004, 16 min.
A small boy destine to go to mars is grounded on earth. But working together with his grandfather, AND his magical tow-truck his dream may become a reality. But will anyone believe his story?

Exact Change Only

Director: Chuck Grieb, USA, 2007, 3 min.
Ever have the problem of running short at the register? Try running short at the toll booth. A line of at least a hundred people honking horns and getting down right angry. This film is guaranteed a good laugh and you probably will remember every time you have this situation.

The End

Director: Camillelvis Théry, France, 2005, 5 min.
Ever see a black and white romance. This isn’t one of them; well sort of… this wondrous flourish of newspaper and cardboard cut outs is one animation you won’t soon forget.

Personne n’est parfait (nobody’s perfect)

Director: Christophe Clamaron, France, 2004, 15 min.
Ever liked your job? How about so much that you would be willing to kill to get it done? No this isn’t a military flick he’s a janitor or it’s a janitor… this crazy robot world will drive our poor hero crazy or more likely to deactivation.


Director: Dana Dorian, United Kingdom, 2007, 1 min.
Colin takes his dog Cumberland to the park for a game of fetch, but Cumberland has other ideas. What happens when mans best friend refuses to co-operate?

The Battle of Cable Street

Director: Yoav Segal, United Kingdom, 2007, 8 min.
A boy and his grandfather enter a wonderfully crayon Esq. World and teach an important history lesson.  


Director: Youngwoong Jang, USA, 2006, 8 min.
This film is a mysterious story of a robot that seemingly runs on water. Alone in the world and on his own he lives to squeeze the life out of vegetation growing along seemingly endless pipelines. He comes along a tower. Something you assume he’s never seen before. This film will leave you wondering for a while to come.




WHAT: The 2008 End of Winter Animation Festival


WHEN: Tuesday, March 11th, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.


WHERE: Barrington Public Library, 281 County Road, Barrington RI. For more information, please call RIIFF at 401.861-4445.


For Directions, please click here


WHO: The Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Barrington Public Library




WHY: To bring entertainment and culture to animated film lovers in Rhode Island.


The Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) discovers and empowers filmmakers.  Held in Providence, and locations throughout the state of Rhode Island, RIIFF is one of only a handful of festivals worldwide that is a qualifying event for the Academy Awards (i.e. “Oscars”).  RIIFF incorporates gala celebrations, premiere screenings, VIP guests, industry seminars, educational programs, and award ceremonies into a week long extravaganza.  Cited as one of the "Best International and Short Film Festivals in the United States," RIIFF is New England’s largest film festival, screening a record 300 films.  Its innovative programming, cultivated industry ties, and loyal audiences have made the Festival a strategic and desirable platform for film premieres, drawing hundreds of independent filmmakers from around the globe.


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