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RIIFF 2007 Screenings at the Cable Car Cinema, Providence



Cable Car Cinema
204 South Main St. Providence, RI 02903
140 capacity,

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Date: Wednesday, August 8th

Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Henry Jaglom, Director
100 min. USA, 2006
The story of the journey of a young woman from a small town in Iowa, Margie Chizek (Tanna Frederick), who arrives in Los Angeles deeply scarred by certain events in her childhood and profoundly obsessed with a life-long dream of achieving fame and stardom. After a series of difficult and sometimes comic struggles – including a failed audition for the “part of a lifetime” in a local play – she literally bumps into a self-styled “major producer/manager” (Zack Norman) who, together with his personal and professional partner (David Proval), takes her under his wing. As Margie’s fate seems to have suddenly changed and her goal appears finally within reach, her romantic involvement with an exciting, complex up-and-coming young actor (Justin Kirk) challenges her – and our – ideas of success, fame and love.

Written and Directed by Henry Jaglom, the film also stars Karen Black and Melissa Leo and introduces Keaton Simons. HOLLYWOOD DREAMS was produced by Rosemary Marks for the Rainbow Film Company.


Date: Thursday, August 9th

Showtime: 7:00 p.m.
Sonia Whiteman, director
15 min. AUSTRALIA, 2007
Cast: Damon Herriman and Mia Wasikowska
Len is struggling with the practicalities of day -to-day life months after his mother's death. He clings to short messages she wrote for him in a diary, one for each day. Her last cryptic instruction, taken literally by Len, sets him off on a strange and ultimately cathartic course towards new love.


Charles Oliver, Director
99 min. USA, 2007
'Take' occurs over two days - one day in the present and one day in the past. Ana (Minnie Driver) drives through the desert to witness the execution of Saul (Jeremy Renner), the stranger who destroyed her life so many years ago. Saul waits out the final hours of his life. Both are caught in the memory of the day when their lives crossed paths and changed forever. Years earlier, Saul is out of a job, out of money, and out of time to pay his debts. Ana, with her young son, tries to work out her uncertain future. It only takes a moment for their lives to collide and become permanently intertwined.


Date: Friday, August 10th

Showtime: 9:30 p.m.
TO SPITI ME TIS ELIES (House of the Olive Trees)
Thouly Dosios, director
30 min. GREECE, 2006
Anna has constructed a world for herself, in which cicadas obey her signal to sing and her feelings lay suppressed under her tight grip. Her safety net unravels when Markos floats into her life. Their relationship is going to be put to the test during a trip to the seaside.


Matt Bissonnette, director
94 min. Canada, 2006
Will Morrison (LUKAS HAAS) and Daniel Bloom (ADAM SCOTT) were the best of friends. They grew up together. Went to the same schools. Liked the same records. Loved the same girls. Daniel was Will’s best man at his wedding to Maggie Claire (MOLLY PARKER). Then one day Will disappeared without a word. Half a decade later he re-surfaces and sets off a tsunami of unforeseeable events. WHO LOVES THE SUN is a delightfully witty character comedy from director Matt Bissonnette, featuring perfectly pitched performances, a great soundtrack from Portastatic, songs from Silver Jews, and some hilariously realistic bad fighting.


Date: Saturday, August 11th

Showtime: 1:00 p.m
Edwin McGill and Kasimir Burgess, directors/writers:
11 min. AUSTRALIA, 2006
Jim’s nocturnal rhythms have kept him separate from the world almost his whole life. He longs for something important, something he has never had, family A story of loneliness in an underground car park and one small miracle.


Film of the Festival 2006 Raindance International Film Festival, Audience Favourite 2006 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, Best Editing 2007 Flickerfest Short Film Festival, First Prize – Best in Festival 2007 Realm of the Senses International Film Festival.


Julia Taylor-Stanley, director
107 min. United Kingdom, 2005
Cast: Anjelica Huston, Diana Shaw, Lauren Bacall, Terence Stamp and David Leon
An affectionate story which follows the fortunes of Diana (Zoe Tapper), a young ingénue who comes to 1930’s London to try to make it as an actress. She meets and falls in love with Robin (David Leon) an aspiring playwright who is trying to secure backing from eccentric Broadway angel investor Lottie Osgood (Anjelica Huston). She agrees to produce his play, much to the chagrin of the villains of the piece, the dastardly and impossibly handsome matinee idol Douglas Middleton (Mark Umbers) and Diana’s cousin, Garstin (Leo Bill) a bitter, runt of a man intent on causing trouble. The supporting players become embroiled in the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as they try to protect the innocents abroad. Baker (Terence Stamp), the effusive and sarcastic piano playing butler, the love rival, Christopher Lovell (Andrew Lincoln) and Diana’s fairy Godmother Aunt Ada (Hayden Gwynne) give heartwarming and hilarious performances against the backdrop of world on the brink of war.


Showtime: 3:00 p.m

Showtime: 3:00 p.m.
Paul Carafotes, director
23 min. USA, 2007
Club Soda is a supernatural fable based on true events. It is a story of the struggles that we all face when making the cruical decsisions that will define who we are and the direction our lives will take. The Kid, Steve R. McQueen, moves from Boston to NY with dreams of becoming an actor. There, he is befriended by a group of barflies who all offer their own brand of advice to help the young 'Brando from Boston'. The kid steals money from the bar awakening the supernatural sprit 'James Gandolfini' which causes him to re-evaluate his life bringing him into conflict with his friends, and forcing him to make some tough choices and change.


Chris Bowman, director
94 min. USA, 2007
Cast: Bruce McGill, Kathleen Quinlan, William Baldwin and Hubbel Palmer
In a supermarket in the armpit of the Mountain West, an enormous grocery clerk scribbles poetry. Tracy Orbison (Hubbel Palmer) is a dreamer. His outsized sense of wonder fuels a series of tragicomic adventures. First Tracy enrolls in an acting class, falling under the spell of the arrogant instructor, a Z-list actor named Truman Hope (William Baldwin). Next he befriends a young bagboy, Kendis Cooley (Vincent Caso), and begins a new project: mentoring Kendis and his skate-punk friends. He urges the teens to give up their surly ways and get high on life; the gang's mean-eyed ringleader, Shawn (Nick Lashaway), has entirely different plans. At home, Tracy fends off Agnes, his God-fearing, self-loathing mother (Academy Award nominee Kathleen Quinlan), while his sister Peggy (24's Mary Lynn Rajskub), a perennial lonely heart, at long last finds somebody to love. Through it all, Tracy struggles to pass his driver's exam, lose 'about ten pounds,' and win fame beyond his working-class job.


Date: Sunday, August 12th

Showtime: 1:00 p.m


Showtime: 3:00 p.m
Rajnesh Domalpalli, director
111 min. India/USA, 2006
Cast: Bhavani Renukunta, Karan Singh, Mamatha Bhukya and Ramachandriah Marikanti
Vanaja, the 15 year old daughter of a financially troubled fisherman goes to work in the local landlady's house in hopes of learning Kuchipudi dance. She does well, but when the Landlady's son returns from the US, what begins as innocent sexual chemistry turns ugly, ending in a rape - a rape of a minor. Set in rural South India, a place where social barriers are built stronger than ancient fort walls, the film explores the chasm that divides classes as a young girl struggles to come of age.