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2008 RIIFF Encore Screenings


Tuesday October 21st at 7:30 pm

This season’s RIIFF Third Tuesday Encore series will kick off with a selection of eerie shorts including that salute and introduce the upcoming RI International Horror Film Festival:


Breast Pump and Blender (11 minutes) Directed by Elizabeth Gorcey. As a new mom with a loving husband, Lizzie seems to have everything until her reality seems to become warped. More info: www.elizabethgorcey.com


DETOUR (12 m.) From the U.K. Dir. by K. Akeseh Tsakpo. A motorist struggles to lay the past to rest after picking up a hitchhiker who claims to know the future.


Eel Girl (5 m.) From New Zealand. Dir. by Paul Campion. When a scientist is left alone in a military research facility, his emotions for the research subject overcome him. More info: www.eelgirl.net


Ergotism (12 m.) From New Zealand. Dir. by Stefan Rochfort. The psychedelic powers of a rare fungus, ergot, take over the perceptions of three young friends as they drive down a deserted New Zealand back road.


Hugo (15 m.) From Australia. Dir. by Nicholas Verso. Fifteen year old Desma, determined to win the school science competition, is elated when she finds a human-sized chrysalis and will stop at nothing to claim victory. More info: www.hugothefilm.com


Last Night (7 m.) From Australia. Dir. by Ed Park. The final moments in a relationship take on a fuller meaning for Nick and Evie.


This Way Up (9 m.) Animated from United Kingdom. Dir. by Alan Smith & Adam Foulkes. Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble.


VON HASEN UND SCHNITZELN (15 m.) Dir. by Thorsten Wassermeyer. Charlotte tries to get her husband to visit their newly born grandchild but nothing can arouse his attention, let alone compete with his rabbits. More info: www.userpage.fu-berlin.de/~tzuern/hasen.html


Tuesday November 18th at 7:30 pm

HOMECOMING (6 mins.) Dir. by Connie Diletti. From Canada. A timely story about post-war trauma, inspired by the countless stories of valiant Canadian soldiers. More info: www.cachefilmandtelevision.com  

WAR AND PIECES (13 mins.) Directed by Devon Decker. Can war and battle be humorous? They can when handled by URI film students with a collection of robot action figures.


FINDING OUR VOICES (70 mins.) Dir. by Holly Stadtler and Victoria Hughes. Narrated by Martin Sheen.  “No dissent, no debate…no debate, no Democracy.”  A timely documentary that follows some brave, energetic citizens who have spoken out about our current political and national crises. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” More info: www.findingourvoices.com


Tuesday December 16th at 7:30 pm

THE PARCEL (4 mins.)
Dir. by Samantha Leriche-Gionet. From Canada. Animated. A man suffering from the cold finds an anonymous package.


SAFARI (8 mins.)
Directed by Catherine Chalmers. An extraordinary up close look at the tiny beings that inhabit our land.


HOLD ON (20 mins.)
Dir. by Doug Olear and Jackie Julio. A quirky comedy about Rose, a spirited, quadriplegic, physicists who goes to extreme measures in her quest for romance.


Directed by Vanessa Gould. One paper square&boundless possibilities. An unlikely look at the unifying force of creativity through the art and science of modern paperfolding. For more information Click Here


Tuesday February 17th at 7:30 pm


struckCALIFORNIA KING (22 mins.)

Dir. by Eli Akira Kaufman. A comedic tale of a mattress salesman, who employs faux science to get female customers into bed, who falls for a skeptical insomniac who knows her science better than her heart.



Dir. by Dustin Schell. Charlie pulls a desperate prank on his girlfriend in order to provoke a change in their relationship. It backfires, sending the couple into territory neither is prepared for.



Dir. by Martin Dolejs. From Germany, in German with English subtitles. Bernhard, a lonesome caretaker discovers, during a sleepless night, a young girl on the roof of “his” house. He is curious about who she is, but suddenly she disappears.


SPEED DATING (14 mins.)

Dir. by Crystal Liu. A black comedy about a young woman who devises a sure-fire way to meet the man of her dreams by hitting cute pedestrians with her car.


STRUCK (7 mins.)

Dir. by Taron Lexton. A riotous short with multiple star cameos. Struck by an arrow that won’t come out, Joel resolves to live with his unusual affliction, despite the torments from life. Winner of a Best Comedy Short award at 2008 RIIFF


LOVE APPLES (17 mins)

Dir. by Ali Kasap. From Australia. A family of migrant produce pickers faces upheaval when Lufti must challenge his fears and confront his wife’s infidelity.


Tuesday March 17th at 7:30 pm


Dir. by Thomas Hefferon. From Ireland. A young man nervously goes to confession, but the priest seems to be more interested in gossiping about the women of the town than granting him absolution.


FRANKIE (12 mins.)

Dir. by Darren Thornton. From the U.K. Fifteen year old Frankie is preparing for fatherhood in an unorthodox way, especially given his tough, working class neighborhood. Best short winner- European Film Academy. More info: www.calipo.ie



JANEY MARY (20 mins.)

Dir. by Paul Brady. From Ireland. Based on the original short story by famous Irish author James Plunkett, a five year old girl in 1940’s Dublin is sent out by her mother onto the cold winter streets to beg for food. 2008 RIIFF Best Cinematography award winner.



Dir. by David Cooke. From the U.K.  In 1942, with the world at war, two children are alone, waiting and hoping for a mysterious message.


NEW BOY (11 mins.)

Dir. by Steph Green. From Ireland. Based on Roddy Doyle’s short story, a poignant and comedic take on the experience of being the new boy in school as seen through the eyes of Joseph, a nine year old African boy. A best short winner at the 2008 RIIFF, & Nominated for a 2009 short film Academy Award !


THE POND (15 mins.)

Dir. by Sonja Phillips. From the U.K. For Maisie, the Pond is a place to escape her troubled home life and explore her strengthening allure to the boys. What she doesn’t know is that the pond also holds a deep dark secret. 2008 RIIFF International Discovery award winner.


Tuesday April 21st at 7:30 pm

MY WOODEN DOG (17 mins.)

Dir. by Natalia Babinski. From Poland. A bittersweet fable of oddball hero Tadek who tries to orchestrate a “happy ending” solution to his relatives’ troubles. More info: www.nataliababinski.com




UNVERWUNDBAR (Invulnerable) (25 mins.)

Dir. by Felice Goetze. From Germany. Nadine is new in town, and the pretty girls remind her of her outsider status. They are quick-witted, beautiful and invulnerable – everything Nadine yearns to be. Then an ordinary teenage day twists into a spiral of violence and betrayal. More info: www.toccata-film.com.



Dir by Nadine Licostie. From Cameroon & U.S. An truly inspirational documentary of Sister Jane Mankaa, who defies her family and joins a religious order, then leaves that community to care for the orphaned children in her village. Shot entirely on location in Abangoh, Cameroon, West Africa. More info: www.abangoh.org.


SOTTO IL MIO GIARDINO (Under My Garden) (19 m.)

Dir. by Andrea Lodovichetti. From Italy. You can fool your neighbors, you can fool the police… but you can’t fool the ants, as a young Italian boy learns. More info: www.myspace.com/andrealodovichetti


SIREN (11 m.)

Dir. by Andras Novak. From Hungary. A young Hungarian boy and a Russian soldier have a brief encounter during the 1956 Revolution in Budapest. More info: www.neemtree.net


Tuesday May 19th at 7:30 pm

aloneA RIIFF "First Look" of an upcoming Festival Premiere

Alone (Issiz Adam)

Dir: Cagan Irmak.

Cast: Cemal Hunal, Melis Birkan, Yildiz Kultur

2008 Turkey, 115 mins.

Talented chef Alper is a genius in the kitchen but a failure in affairs of the heart, ricocheting between one-night stands and escort girls, who provide him with the fleeting company he desires. During the search for an old record, he wanders into a second-hand bookshop in the back streets of Beyoglu and falls under the spell of customer Ada, who makes fancy dress costumes for children and is looking for a particular, old book. Determined to make this beautiful woman's acquaintance, Alper finds and purchases the book and thus begins a passionate affair. While Ada luxuriates in the attentions of a new man, Alper begins to feel suffocated by a permanent fixture in his crowded universe and questions whether he is capable of commitment.


Tuesday June 16th at 7:30 pm

El Pasajero (The Passenger) (37 mins.)
Directed by Andres Faucher. From Venezuela. In Spanish with English subtitles.

It is New Year's Eve in Caracas, Venezuela, and a desperate cab driver attempts to hold up a wealthy passenger. But when the passenger offers to buy the driver's gun, an unusual evening unfolds that changes the lives of both men. Based on a true story

La Americana (The American) (65 mins.)
Directed by Nicholas Bruckman.

From Bolivia, Mexico, and the U.S. Some Spanish with English subtitles. An intimate documentary that follows an undocumented immigrant's journey from Bolivia to New York City, as she struggles to save the life of her injured daughter. An unforgettable true tale that puts a human face on the timely and controversial issue of immigration

La Quela (11 mins.)
Directed by Liz Lobato. From Spain.

In Spanish with English subtitles. In 1920s Spain, in the village of La Mancha, a little girl called La Quela sees a cardboard doll for the first time and wants it badly.




$7 - General, $5 - CCA & RIIFF Member, $3 - Student



7:30 p.m.


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