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spiritFeinstein IMAX Theatre Providence Place
9 Providence Place. Providence, RI 02903
415 capacity, www.imax.com/providence

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Kidseye™ Film Screening (Adult) - $10.00
Kidseye™ Film Screening (Child) - $8.00


Date: Wednesday, August 8th

Showtime: 10:00 a.m. Children's Program
The Little Gorilla
Harry Kellerman, director
12 min. USA, 2007
A jungle gym as big as the sky. A boy who's afraid to climb it.


Joe Wein, director
13 min. USA, 2007
Two girls break into their elementary school to save their classroom's goldfish. But everything they know is working against them.


Sadie Turns Seven
Todd Tinkham, Director
10 min. USA, 2006     
On her 7th birthday, a young girl takes daring action.

Youngwoong Jang, Director
9 min. USA, 2006
The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.


Rindin the Puffer
Len Simon, Director
8 min. USA, 2006
When our story begins, three young fish make fun of Rindin for being different. However when the same three fish get themselves into trouble with a hungry barracuda, Rindin inadvertently saves their lives. 


Derrick Lui, Director
9 min. Singapore, 2006
The story of a colour-blind girl's journey to find colours in her life. She ends up seeing more colours than she bargained for, but will she live happily ever after?


Chinese Dumplings
Michelle Hung, Director
8 min. USA, 2006
Two young sisters resist their daily violin practice.


A Gorota (The Kid)
Fernando Pinheiro, Director
4 min. Spain, 2005
The story of a child in black and white and a watercolor doll in painting on canvas."


Date: Thursday, August 9th

Showtime: 10:00 a.m. Children's Program
Manauvaskar Kublall, Director
13 min. USA, 2006
Jesse is excited about entering the second grade. She has both a new teacher and her old friends Terry and Anne!  This year, there is a new girl in class, Nia, and she and Jesse make friends right away.  But there is something different about Nia.


The Spirit Child
Elinor Geller, Director
8 min. United Kingdom, 2006
Enter into a world of light...Orli lives happily in a cemetery until she unexpectedly stumbles into the dark. Amazing events await her as she discovers the world to which she truly belongs. Join the spirit child and see how a child’s happiness and wishes come true.


Mondmann (Moonman)
Fritz Böhm, Director
30 min. GERMANY, 2007
US Premiere
Once upon a time there lived a very sad man up in the silver moon. His greatest wish was to be like us humans, just once in his lonely life. One night his wish fulfilled: He jumped on a passing comet and journeyed down to earth.


Evan Bernard, Director
2 min. USA, 2006
A comedic short centered around an intense and highly choreographed routine.


Rindin the Puffer
Len Simon, Director
8 min. USA, 2006
When our story begins, three young fish make fun of Rindin for being different. However when the same three fish get themselves into trouble with a hungry barracuda, Rindin inadvertently saves their lives. 


Hip Hip Hooray
Dana Dorian, Director
1 min. UNITED KINGDOM, 2007
A four-year-old boy talks about birthday parties in Scotland. The film was created first by recording a ten-minute interview with a four-year-old boy and then the dialogue was edited into an entertaining 60-seconds. The audio file illustrates, with child like animations, the innocence of the sometimes-surprising dialogue.


Jackie Liao, Director
6 min. USA, 2006
Life is just like dandelions. When the wind comes, they leave, but they won't disappear. They are just going to a new place to start a new life...


The Red Balloon
Michael Olesen, Director
4 min. USA, 2006
A young boy enlists the help of a balloon seller to send birthday wishes to his Mom - in the only way he knows how.  A simple story of loss and longing.


Date: Friday, August 10th

Showtime: 10:00 a.m. Kidseye Competition (Films made by and for Kids)
Tiger Darrow, Director
10 min. USA, 2007
A lost Mp3 player leads Henry to the realization; sometimes the thing that you're looking for finds you. 13-year old, Tiger Darrow, presents her directorial debut


Western Spaghetti
Joseph Procopio, Director
6 min. CANADA, 2007
The soundtrack of a cowboy movie inspires a boy to find his own song.



Matthew Schramer, director

18 min. USA, 2007

Scott and Joseph are forced to surrender their bedroom to their Jewish grandmother when she moves in. In hopes to regain his space, Scott plays practical jokes on Esther, but discovers she too, can play the games. Soon Joseph grows attached to Esther, leaving Scott alone to face challenges that test his maturity.


Interview with Great Grandma Tillie
Aaron Davison, Director
9 min. USA, 2006
From the Director: Great Grandma Tillie is 96 years old and even though I live in Florida and she’s in New York, I try to visit her as often as I can. She has a very funny and wonderful personality, but she's also a little camera shy. As I asked her the questions, her personality shined through. She came to America when she was very young, and a lot of her memories are about cooking and food. At the end of filming I was hungry from her stories and happy from laughing. I hope you will feel the same.


At the Zoo
Aaron Davidson, Director
3 min, USA, 2007
A trip to the zoo makes the day that much better


Project Kicktalk
Aaron Kohn, Director
19 min. USA, 2007
'The Gods Must Be Crazy' meets the modern world in a documentary about our global community.


Paper Tulips
Tricia Lee, Director
7 min. CANADA, 2007
Ellie, a 10 year old girl has a crush on Jack, her classmate.  When her friend reads her diary and tells the whole class her secret, they play a mean joke on her.   Ellie learns to overcome the teasing and humiliation to be the bigger person in the end.


No Sanctuary
Dan Lovallo, Director
10 min. AUSTRALIA, 2005
They say kids make the best game players. Students playing a tank war simulation in a military training school learn that their play is not as innocent as it seems.


A Children’s Hospital
Sean Ascroft, Director
6 min. AUSTRALIA, 2007
An everyday mercy dash to a hospital becomes an unexpected duel between life and death.


The Final Frontier: Explorers or Warriors?
Stephen Trace, Director
16 min. USA, 2007
Many people believe that space weapons are the new arms race.  Stephen  and Trace Gaynor, two 13 years from Chicago, learned about space weapons when doing research on their second film Genie in a Bottle Unleashed about the first atomic bombs.  Stephen and Trace had the opportunity to interview Astronaut Senator John Glenn, Theresa Hitchens Director or Center for Defense Information and Dr. Everett Carl Dolman at the US Air Force’s School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS).  Combining humor and seriousness Stephen and Trace want to show their audience both sides of space weapons.  A topic very few people know about.