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Weekly Forums on Filmmaking at Borders Bookstore Presented by RIIFF



In a special collaboration, the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Borders will address filmmaking concerns in the Ocean State


(PROVIDENCE, RI) The ins and outs of filmmaking take center stage on a monthly basis at Borders, Providence Place Mall, through collaboration with the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF). Each program starts at 7:00 p.m. as RIIFF hosts a Guest Speaker Series that addresses such questions as “What does it take to make a movie in Rhode Island” and “why should a filmmaker ply their craft in the Ocean State?” These programs are free to the general public.


Here is a listing of topics and the presenters in this series: (this programming will occur monthy throughout the year. Updates will be posted frequently.)


Tuesday, October 16th


For eight years, the Rhode Island International Flm Festival has produced the annual Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. Every year, over 40 films are screened in the genre and the Festival draws an appreciative and steadily growing crowd. What gives this genre legs? Why do horror films like "Saw" "The Grudge" "Resident Evil" and anything that features vampires consistently draw audiences? At this forum, we will discuss not only the popularity of the horror genre, but the art of making films that scare.

Featuring local artist and television personality, Penny Dreadful and Ric Rebelo, Director of our annual Horror Film Festival. Hosted by Toni Marie Pennacchia of Spoiler Alert Radio BRS 88.1.

Marketing your film and script in the digital age
From blogs to podcasting to digital downloads and online competitions, what does the future hold for artists who want to break into the entertainment industry. Join us for a spirited panel discussion that looks at cutting edge and traditional means to get out your message. Some things might surprise you.
Featuring Toni Marie Pennacchia of Spoiler Alert Radio BRS 88.1; Jim Vickers, Editor, Motif Magazine, Jamie Benti, Image Icon Entertainment, and Jo C. Goode, freelance writer.


Tuesday, July 31st
The Art of the Short Film
Now that you have a degree in film or media, what do you do with that skill set? How do you find work and how insure that your unique voice is heard? For many, the road to breaking into the industry has come from the production of short films. No longer relegated to the dustbin of “paying one’s dues” and “learning a craft;” shorts have taken on a new life of popularity and have entered the mainstream. So how do you produce a short that is successful? What tools do you need and where do you take your completed work? Learn these answers and more from Kevin Anderton of Midnight Chimes Productions who has made 67 successful shorts; and Bill Smyth, Producer for WCVB TV 5 in Boston and independent filmmaker.


Tuesday, August 14th
With its rich history, New England is awash with stories that touch the core of the American experience. Learn what it’s like to shape and craft a documentary about the life of a New England original: Andre Dubus; whose stories celebrate human impulses and tenderness. Dubus’ work includes “In The Bedroom” and “We Don't Live Here Anymore, and touch on universal themes that transcend the region. Meet award-winning author, now turned filmmaker, Edward J. Delaney, who discusses his premiere work “The Times Were Never So Bad: The Life of Andre Dubus.” Learn what inspired its undertaking; how it was funded; and how the film was developed.


Who: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF)

Where: Borders, Providence Place Mall, Providence, RI 02903

When: Monthly at 7:00 p.m.

Free to the General Public


For more information about the RIIFF Presentations at Borders, please call the Rhode Island International Film Festival at 401.861.4445.


The 12th Annual Rhode Island International Film Festival launches August 5-10th at locations throughout the state of Rhode Island.