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83 Park Street, Suite 5

Providence, RI 02903 USA
tel: 401/861-4445
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PO Box 162

Newport, RI 02840 USA

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36 Rhode Island Avenue,

Newport, RI 02840 USA



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Lead Usher Guidelines Working at RIIFF

classPlease be sure to arrive at the theatre a few minutes early and report in with the Venue Manager. When your shift begins, take attendance. Mark on your usher schedule in the Lead Usher Book who is present, the time they arrived, and the time that they left for the day/night. Also note any no-shows.

The Volunteer Department will deliver usher schedules to the venues 24 hours in advance. At that time, we will also pick up the schedule from the night before in order to record the hours for voucher distribution.

Notify the Volunteer Department whenever someone reports for duty and who is not listed on the schedule. We will tell you if that person is approved to be there as an usher. Sometimes, we will notify you in advance that someone is coming to fill in for a no-show. Anyone who is not authorized by the Volunteer Department to usher may not usher.

Check in with the Venue Manager to get the latest updates on reserved seating, when to open the balcony at the Columbus (if applicable), which films will be followed by Q&A sessions or forums, or any other situations that will affect the way you organize your ushers for a shift.

Be cool, be confident, be knowledgeable and be firm when patrons approach you. Refer customers to Venue Managers at your discretion. There's no need to let people abuse you.

Organize ushers at the beginning of the shift to handle ticket ripping, will call, merchandise, clicking off customers, and customer seating. Be fair but be firm when assigning duties.

Ushers and Films

• Ushers are there to usher. An usher may never watch a film if there is work to do, they are assigned to a post outside the theatre, or if a show is sold out.

• Rotate ushers to see films if possible. They must get your permission before seeing the film, and must never assume that they can just go in and watch the film without permission.

• Ushers who crash films without permission are subject to dismissal.

• Ushers who are permitted to watch films must wait ten minutes after the film has started before entering the theatre, to give patrons a chance to be seated. Ushers must sit near the doors, in case you need to reach them. Ushers in the theatre must make themselves immediately available to assist patrons with seating. They should have flashlights with them.

• Whenever in doubt about the status of a show (i.e., can ushers see this show), consult with the Venue Manager.

• The merchandise and will call table must never be left unattended. Rinse and repeat, the merchandise and will call table must never be left unattended.

• As soon as the credits start to roll, ushers who are in the theatre must return to their posts immediately.

Plus a little more....

The audience must leave the theater at the end of each film. No saving seats in between films. Garbage in the theaters should get picked up. Ushers may leave as soon as the last screening has begun.

All badges, flashlights and usher info should be kept in the usher box to prevent loss.
Turn in your daily schedule to the Venue Managers at the end of each shift so the Volunteer Department can credit hours in a timely manner.

Report difficult ushers to the Volunteer Department. If an usher is disruptive to festival operations or unprofessional, send them home.

Set a good example for your ushers. Try to understand their concerns. Your ushers are people too, so practice respect, and expect it as well. We have rules to follow, yes, but let’s try and “keep it real.”


Please check out the information provided here including Other Volunteer Opportunities.

Questions? For more information please call our Volunteer Hotline number at 401.861.4445.

Or, download the volunteer form, fill it in, and then mail it to us.

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Office: 83 Park Street, Suite 5

Providence, RI. 02903 United States
401.861.4445. • info@film-festival.org

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM



Download the volunteer form.

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