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83 Park Street, Suite 5

Providence, RI 02903 USA
tel: 401/861-4445
401/490-6735 (f)


Mailing Address:

PO Box 162

Newport, RI 02840 USA

Street Address:

36 Rhode Island Avenue,

Newport, RI 02840 USA



RIIFF Photography

Courtesy of Mike Braca


Video Promotions by

Eric Latek, George T. Marshall, Shawn Quirk, Timothy Haggerty & Duncan Putney






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clockRIIFF /rif/ - acronym for Rhode Island International Film Festival
~ a 6-day event beginning the second week in August; always starting on a Tuesday at various locations throughout the State of Rhode Island with premiere works in the capital city of Providence;
~ the largest public film festival in New England and an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences qualifying event in three categories;

~ a qualifying event for the British Academy of Televsion and Film Arts (BAFTA);

~ a qualifying event for the Canadian Screen Awards;

~ the major portal of entry for filmmakers to discover the Ocean State as a center for film development, talent and production;

~ the producers of the weekly PBS television showcase, "doubleFEATURE;"

~ a unique platform for the creative and cultural discovery of new cinematic talent, both at home, nationally and globally;

~ synonymous with sophisticated, savvy, discerning and film-loving audiences;

~ a Flickers' production.



FLICKERS is always seeking new sources of funding and welcomes the opportunity to submit proposals to foundations. If you would like to find out more about Leadership status by pledging Foundation support to FLICKERS, please contact Shawn Quirk at 401.861.4445 or quirk@film-festival.org.



Find out if your employer has a Matching Gifts program. As a non-profit organization, FLICKERS is eligible, in most cases, to accept matching gifts for the tax-deductible portions of your membership contributions, and for the entire amount of your charitable non-membership donations.

Follow the instructions on the Matching Gifts form you receive from your employer, and mail the completed form to us at the address below.



In addition to our Membership program, FLICKERS welcomes charitable monetary contributions to support us in our non-profit mission and programs. By making a charitable contribution to FLICKERS, you help to bring the newest and best work of international independent film and videomakers to the New England area. Your donation is completely tax-deductible and will help support FLICKERS' mission and programs.


karen allen

• Photos Courtesy of Mike Braca

If you would like to make a charitable donation to Flickers, click on the Donate Button above or print out this page and mail to:


Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Mailing: P.O. Box 162, Newport, Rhode Island 02840 (United States)
Street Address: 36 Rhode Island Avenue, Newport, RI 02840

Office: 83 Park Street, Suite 5, Providence , RI 02903
Tel/Fax: (401) 861-4445 / 490-6735

If you have any questions, please email us at info@film-festival.org or call us at 401.861.4445.


• To download a hard-copy donation form, click here


If you would like to donate by check and mail us a donation, please print out our hard copy form located below:



Yes! I want to help FLICKERS continue its commitment to independent film and the encouragement and discovery of new talent by making a donation.
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$500 Producer $1000 Star $______ Other


Name: ______________________________________
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Telephone: ( ____ ) _________________
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THANK YOU! Please print off this form and return to:

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival
PO Box 162
Newport, RI 02840 (United States)

If paying by credit card, you can fax this form to 401.490.6735

Income tax receipts will be issued for gifts of $25 and above. Flickers, the producer of RIIFF, is a non-profit organization.


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