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April 17-23, 2017

This Year's Program Celebrates the Power of Art and Culture in Affecting Positive Change



12th Annual event takes place April 17-23rd in collaboration with Roger Williams University. Highlights include major international shorts and features, and documentaries and a celebration of the arts.


Those Creating the 2017 Festival:

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Alison Cellana is a Junior at Roger Williams University pursuing a BA degree in Graphic
Design. “I have a double minor in both Psychology, and Visual Arts: Film and Animation.
Growing up I have always enjoyed the beauty of film and I hope to one day work in the
film industry with animation. When I graduate in 2018 I want to start working in the
entertainment industry in either New York or California. From there I want to work my way
into film and potentially Disney. In my free time I enjoy playing music, drawing, learning
animation and watching movies."

Reagan Cronin is a sophomore at Roger Williams University. He is working to achieve his
bachelors in Business Marketing with a minor in film. He is from a small town in upstate
New York called Clinton Corners. There, he has tons of interest on his parent’s farm
including hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. In his down time, he likes to edit
videos and shoot videos with his friends. Reagan is extremely happy to be apart of this
year’s team to work on the Roving Eye Festival. He hopes to learn a lot about the field of
putting a production together as large as this one. He also looks forward to using what he
learns in the future with his degree after college.

Gabriela DiNobile is a junior at Roger Williams University majoring in Public Relations with
minors in Spanish and Film Studies. She is from Cranston, Rhode Island. Gabriela has many
involvements on campus, being the Public Relations manager for RWU Love Your Melon
Crew, as well as holding the position of Student Orientation Coordinator for Roger
Williams University’s New Student and Family Orientation Program. Gabriela also holds a
work study position in the university’s Student Programs and Leadership office. She looks
forward to gaining insight in Public Relations and Film Studies this semester through
assisting with the Roving Eye Film Festival.

Gabrielle Dougherty is a junior at Roger Williams University majoring in public relations with
a minor in film studies. Gabby is originally from Long Island, New York but while she is at
school she works in the University Admissions Office as a Tour Guide and is a member of
the Public Relations Society of America. Previously, Gabby has interned for the Long
Island Advance Newspaper in New York, and the United Nations.

Taylor Flaherty, is originally from the Boston area. She is currently a senior at Roger
Williams University. She will graduate with the class of 2017 in May with a Bachelor of Fine
Arts through studying creative writing and psychology. Taylor will be working as an
assistant editor for a digital magazine after graduation. Holding avid passion for all the
arts, she holds a particular soft spot for film. She has an interest in working with films after
graduation. Specifically, behind the scenes working with the creative aspects of putting
a film together. As an aspiring writer, film is something she can relate to because it also
shares a unique story. This is her first year working at the Roving Eye Film Festival, and she
is ecstatic to get a better idea of what goes on during the festival and behind the scenes
of it. Some of her hobbies include drawing, writing, cooking, and listening to music.

Alanna Hammond
is a senior at Roger Williams University. She is an English Literature major
with a Business minor. This is her second year taking part in the Roving Eye International
Film Festival. She hopes to continue to gain a greater knowledge of the inner workings of
the festival and apply it to life beyond graduation.

Jacob Johnson
is a second semester sophomore at Roger Williams University, a native character developer and plot twister with a penchant for action, drama, and social comedy. He prefers to write fantasy and science fiction, and has branched into the superhero subgenre as well. He has three major settings , each with their own storylines under construction, and one day hopes to make all of them successful. He is also a fair artist, though self taught. In his free time, he works on his writing, draws his characters, and plays games of all sorts, be they video games, board and card games, or tabletop roleplaying games. Once out of college, he plans to look into the voice acting field while his stories are in the works.

Alissa Livingston
is a Senior at Roger Williams University majoring in Graphic Design and
minoring in Global Communications. She is originally from Danvers, Massachusetts and
now is planning on moving to New York after graduation. She has always been a big
"movie buff" and was always interested in analyzing the deeper meaning of the films and
looking at the behind the scenes. She hopes to become a Graphic Designer in the film
industry once she graduates.

Rex McCoy is a second semester senior at Roger Williams University. He is expecting to
graduate in May with a degree in Anthropology+Sociology. He loves culture, social
structure, and human behavior. He has a minor and core concentration in music and
you can often find him in the electronic and computer music lab as he specializes in
music tech. Rex is an intern at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and is currently
enrolled in George Marshall’s Film Curation class. In this class he hopes to gain the skills
and knowledge to place films in appropriate contexts and also about the magic of
festival production.


Zach Mobrice is a multimedia-trained journalist who reports on social justice and human
rights issues through long-form writing and photography. He has written about the
refugee crisis and refugee resettlement in New England, and his reports on
environmental degradation, homelessness, and workers’ rights have appeared in Spare
Change News, an iBook titled “Project Pacem,” and an independently published thesis.
Zach, who believes that injustice must be thrust into the public eye, will travel where the
news story takes him.

Brett Pollina is a senior Roger Williams University student with a major in Visual Art Studies
and a minor in Graphic Design. He is from Old Field, NY and has grown up loving the
ocean and the sky. His main focus throughout college has been in digital and film based
photography focusing on landscape and lifestyle imagery. Brett is also an FAA Certified
Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor and actively teaches in Rhode Island and
Massachusetts when he isn’t in classes. When Brett isn’t flying he spends his time surfing in
Newport, and is an active skydiver in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Florida.

Kelsey Rogers is a senior at Roger Williams University studying Graphic Design
Communications with minors in Film Studies and American Studies. Kelsey spends her free
time leading a group on campus dedicated to recovering surplus food on campus to
local shelters and she is always looking for ways to care for the environment. Pixar is what
originally piqued her interest in the film industry because of the complexity of the stories,
both individually and as a collection. She admires the company’s dedication to their
employees and their attention to detail. Kelsey is striving to have a career in the film
industry whether it be designing sets, props, or even in the marketing of the film. She
believes the form of storytelling is the best way to share ideas, feelings, and experiences
with others.


Bradley Ross is currently a senior at Roger Williams University where he majors in Marketing
and has a core concentration in graphic design.

Benjamin Scheff
is a junior at Roger Williams University, majoring in History with a double
minor in Film Studies and Gender/Sexuality Studies. He is heavily active in several clubs
around campus including SAFE, Alternative Entertainment, and the Roger Williams
University Film Production Collaborative of which he is Vice President. He recently assisted
with research for an upcoming documentary on Slatersville and has worked on projects
for organizations both school and private. An avid film enthusiast, he has always
possessed a deep fascination with filmmaking and its industry; loving them both as a
valuable art form and cultural juggernaut. Outside of school, Ben can be found playing
the fife as part of revolutionary war reenactments, a hobby he has been doing for over a

My name is Elliot Sirchio and I am a sophomore at Roger Williams University. Graduating
in 2019, I have a BA in graphic design and a minor in architecture. I am from Stamford,
Connecticut. My hobbies include various activities such as, playing lacrosse, running,
mountain biking, swimming, playing guitar, and improving my skills in graphic design and
architecture. I am part of the RWU Club Lacrosse Team, RWU Triathlon Team, and the
Musician’s Guild. I am very excited to have the opportunity of participating in the
development of this year’s film festival. Visual communication has always been a
creative outlet for me, and I look to develop my skills even further by assisting in the
creation of the Roving Eye Film Festival’s marketing assets.

Nick Stanglewicz is a freshman at Roger Williams University and is currently majoring in
Graphic Design, and hopes to complete school with a dual degree in Film Studies and a
minor in marketing. Nick has had a passion for creating for as long as he can remember;
whether it was writing poetry for his amazing mother as a nine year old, or launching his
own brand of graphic design work and merchandise, StangGFX, he has been
submerged in the field of art for much of his life. Nick’s hobbies range from creating his
own poetry, music, and films to playing video games, hiking, fishing, and spending time
with his family. Nick has loved Professor George Marshall’s curriculum through his first year
and can’t wait for the rest of his career at RWU.


Graphic Designers for Roving Eye: Years 2011 - 2016


maiaMaia Buckingham is a junior at Roger Williams University majoring in Graphic Design Communications and minoring in Photography and Web Development. She is from Cambridge, Vermont. Maia also has interests in other forms visual art such as film, painting, and drawing. She is really excited to be a part of the 2014 Roving Eye Film Festival and hopes to learn a lot about what kind of work goes into executing and designing for such a production. She looks forward to using this experience to add to her design and visual arts repertoire.




jennaJenna Brink is a senior at Roger Williams University majoring in Graphic Design Communications, with a double minor in Visual Arts: Film Studies and Global Communication. She grew up in Cumberland, Maine where she attended Greely High School and discovered her passion for the world of art. She has always been a 'movie buff', but her interest specifically in behind the scenes workings of film and film festivals started sophomore year of college when she took an Intro to Film class with George Marshall. After graduation Jenna hopes to work in the design field of Brand Identity in the Boston area.


lauraBLaura Burchett is a graduate of Woodford County High School in Versailles Kentucky, and is now a junior at Roger Williams University pursuing a degree in both visual arts and graphic design with a film studies minor. Laura still isn't quite sure what she wants to do after college but would enjoy something in a creative field such as set design or artistic direction for films or even a graphic designer in a creative design firm. Some of Laura's interests include painting, charcoal drawings, stop-motion animation, football, gymnastics, and of course watching movies. She attributes her interest in film to her older brothers always seeming to know everything about a movie when they talk about it and trying to be as cool as them, but also her favorite high school film teacher, Dan Ruff, for showing her how interesting all sides of a film are.


chrisChristopher Capozzi is from Wrenham, Massachusetts. He is a graduate student of architecture with minors in photography, digital media and animation. He has always been interested in film production and enjoys watching movies in his spare time. He has recently become interested in combining his attraction towards film with his architectural background. He hopes to work with film and animation as a means of viewing and understanding architecture and space. His goals and ambitions after graduation include spending time working with special effects and editing before returning to the architectural profession, offering a unique perspective and skill set.


eliEli DeFaria is a proud graduate of Central Falls High School, and a second year, transfer student at Roger Williams University. Prior to transferring to RWU, Eli pursued graphic design at Community College of Rhode Island where he also experimented with film making. His background and passion for photography and love for capturing and conveying emotion led him to take his first film class, which produced a short film that won him the Best Cinematography award for the CCRI student film festival, along with the Best Experimental Short award.


Eli volunteers at local his church as a graphic designer and photographer, and has his own photography business. He uses his talent to also serve in his community and city of Central Falls. He has designed the identity for the Central Falls Community Collaborative, and is currently working on the identity of the Central Falls Alumni Association. His photographs will also be used on the updated city’s website.


joshJoshua T. Grab

My name is Josh Grab. I am currently a second semester senior at Roger Williams University & will be graduating in May 2016. At Roger Williams University, I am majoring in Graphic Design with minors in Marketing & Psychology as well as a concentration in Film & Animation. As an active campus leader, I work as a third year Resident Assistant for a freshmen living learning community. A New England native my entire life, I have found my home in Middleboro Massachusetts & Bristol Rhode Island.


My experience at Roger Williams University has taught me a great deal of what it means to be a professional. It has helped me to become a driven & motivated leader. More importantly, I have discovered my passion for creativity & design with the support of phenomenal faculty, friends, & my family. Over the course of my undergraduate career, I have enhanced my design skills significantly & challenged myself to learn more about digital photography & video.


Currently, I am freelance photographer for Bryte Photo & I am actively seeking a full time position in the creative industry. As a designer I have acquired a plethora of skills in typography, illustration, digital photography as well as video. I would like to further enhance my skills as a creative & work with other passionate individuals in the design industry.


EvanEvan M. Mozzer is a graduate student who will be obtaining his Masters of Architecture in May 2016. Evan is going to be working full-time as an architect after graduation, but continues to carry a passion for film. Film has always intrigued Evan’s interests and now that he has been studying architecture for six years, he has a much greater appreciation for film than ever before. Futuristic films help visualize and anticipate the positive and negative aspects architecture will bring us in the future, and also helps imagine what life in future cities might be like. Evan is interested in taking his architectural designs to the next level by creating visual animations through 3-D modeling, which would allow the client to get a virtual understanding of the building and its space before construction.


AaronAaron P. Poisson was the Art Director for the 2011 Roving Eye International Film Festival. Aaron resides in Bristol, Rhode Island where he also studies at Roger Williams University. He is perusing a Bachelors of Science degree in Graphic Design Communication. Furthermore, he is serving the Army National Guard as a Sergeant of Charlie Battery 1-103rd Field Artillery. Aaron is a member of the local film-making community and is the Chief Executive Officer of Eyeris Productions, an independent production company in Rhode Island.




nick Nicholas Souza is a member of the Roger Williams University class of 2013. He is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Film. He started working in video when he was a sophomore in high school, working with his local access television station. While working there he learned to both shoot and edit video.


He took the skills that he learned in high school to RWU where he both improved them and used them in internships and jobs. In his freshman year he worked on The Feed, a student operated video news organization. He has also worked as a media intern and video editor for both small and large businesses such as Phillips&Garcia PC and Jamestown distributors. After completing his degree, Nick hopes to work in video editing and digital journalism.


Volunteer Organizers for the Celebration of the Arts at Roving Eye: Years 2014 - 2016



andrewAndrew Burgess is a charming young buck from the woods of Maine. He attended the prestigious Hebron Academy before moving on to Roger Williams University where he is a communications major and Film minor on track to graduate in 2015. Andrew has a passion for music and photography as well as enjoying the outdoors of his native homeland. He is particularly talented with audio and loves sound design. He is hoping to continue improving his skills and knowledge of the world around him through hard work and determined ethic.






alexAlex Campbell is a freshman hailing from the small town of Winsted in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. He is currently majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Film Studies. He is an avid member of the schools film club and has worked on the set of sitcom pilot. He has a passion for photography and videography. He continues to cultivate his knowledge of film and the industry while working hard to gain a place within it. Outside of film Alex works in the Roger Williams Campus’s wet lab helping further the scientific projects of several scientists and researchers. He has spent time traveling to eight different counties including Japan, Italy, and France to name a few. He hopes to one day work in the realm of Natural Photography/Videography and travel the world while doing so.


francis Francis Ferdinand is a junior at Roger Williams University. Francis is a Music major with a double minor in Film Studies and English Literature. This is Francisís third year working with the Roving Eye International Film Festival. She has worked with many different facets of the worlds of film and music. She has been trained in classical vocal styling and been showcased in twice in Roger Williams Universityís Student Academic Showcase. Francisís hopes to merge her love of film and music after graduation. She hope to one day either compose for film or work within the film festival world.


RJRonald Scofield or RJ as he prefers to be called, is a member of the Roger Williams University Class of 2015 majoring in Journalism with a minor in English Literature. Born and bred in Norwalk, Connecticut (home of the "World's Largest Dairy Store” as featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not), RJ discovered his love for writing and reporting after acting as Editor-in-Chief of his high school’s newspaper; an online publication that he also co-managed the creation of from the ground up. He has a passion for writing, as well as music, sports, travel, and the art of animation. As a university junior, he currently acts as the news editor of the Roger Williams print publication The Hawks Herald as well as the President of the Musicians' Guild. He is working towards completing his education and pursuing a career in either print/broadcast writing or working in the entertainment industry (particularly film or music). Follow him on Twitter: @RJScofield

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From Newport: Take 114N over the Mount Hope Bridge and take the first right off the bridge onto Old Ferry Road. Enter the campus via the front gate passing Campus Security.


Guests should enter through the main entrance at the fountain. they will be able to obtain a guest parking pass. Lot 24a will be blocked off for guests of the festival. Proceed through the main entrance through to the lot 24a on left. Events will take place in the Global Heritage Hall and the Mary Tefft White Cultural Center.


Look for signage noting "Event Parking."

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The 2017 Roving Eye International Film Festival is sponsored by The RI Film & the Television Office; Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival; Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Edge Media Network, the Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation; the Helene and Bertram Bernhardt Foundation; Roger Williams University Office of the Provost; the RWU Department of Communication and Graphic Design, Dean Robert Cole, RWU Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Roberta Adams, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; the RWU Film Prod