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• 2015 Application Form

KIDSEYE™ Scholarship Opportunities


Here's your chance to earn a scholarship to attend the FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival's KidsEye™Summer Filmmaking Camp! Your application must be in the form of a typewritten essay meeting one of the following sets of criteria:


Choose one of the following:

1. Is there a film or movie that changed your life? Did you ever see a film/movie that changed the way you looked at yourself or your family, your community or the world? Tell us how this film/movie impacted you and why you think films and movies have such a great influence in people's lives.


2. Why do you want to come to KidsEye™? What do you hope to learn and do if you come to this camp? What areas of filmmaking appeal to you? What do you feel you have to offer in the world of filmmaking?


3. If you could take on the role of any one person in the film industry, which would it be? (Actor/actress, Director, Producer, Score Composer, Special Effects, Makeup Artist, Stunt Double, etc.) Why does this role appeal to you? Why do you think it is important?


4. Tell us a story you would like to see made. Tell us the plotline and what you would do if you could make that film. Be specific and let your imagination fly.


5. Filmmaking is a team-oriented field. Tell us why you think it's important to work with others in achieving a goal and if were directing a film, how you would accomplish creating a working team.

Your essay should be:
• typewritten (12 font)
• double-spaced
• 1.5-2 pages

Essays will be judged based on their creativity, genuineness, and how well they meet the criteria that were described. So, be thoughtful, be creative, and speak from your heart. We hope to see you at this summer's KidsEye™ camp.

The KidsEye™ Scholarship deadline is May 1st. (This is the day it must be received, not postmark date)

Please send your essay to Jessica Wong c/o


KidsEye™ Summer Filmmaking Camp

P.O. Box 162, Newport, RI 02840

RIIFF Offices: 83 Park Street, Suite 5, Providence, RI 0290

t. 401.861.4445

f. 401.490.6735


Winners will be notified in early June and posted on the web site.


Good luck!


About the 2015 Summer Camp

2015 Application Formdownload here

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• Tentative 2015 Program (coming)

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