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KidsEye™ Summer Filmmaking Camp
Aimed for the Stars

The Original KIDSEYE™ Filmmaking Camp

Acclaimed program in its 9th year sets new standards for kids from across the country to learn the elements of filmmaking

Kingston, RI (August 7, 2007) How did 35 kids spend their summer vacations? For one week at least, they stepped into the exciting roles of screenwriters, storyboard artists, actors, directors, cinematographers, editors and production crew during the seventh year of KidsEye™ Filmmaking Camp.


From July 9-13, 35 aspiring filmmakers learned how to make a movie, not by reading about it in a book or by passively watching it happen, but by doing it themselves.

The camp was held at the University of Rhode Island campus in Kingston, RI, where participants were afforded the chance to learn in an interactive classroom environment and then apply their learning on an actual outdoor set, which they created on a street in a nearby neighborhood. The beginning of the week was spent in workshops on different aspects of filmmaking, during which participants were given hands-on experience in writing a screenplay, developing storyboards, designing costumes and props, and rehearsing both acting and production roles. These valuable and essential experiences culminated in the production of two original short films.

Children ages 8-12 worked on their own story while kids ages 13-16 worked on an entirely different storyline. Each group began with a basic screenplay to which they added and developed key elements of dialogue and plot. After designing costumes and props, both groups then assumed the roles of director, assistant directors, cinematographer, sound/boom operator, and actors. Roughly two days were spent shooting the film, while the remainder of the week was devoted to reviewing the footage, discussing editing, and planning a musical score. At the end of the action-packed week, each participant left with one more item to add to their list of their summer accomplishments. So when September rolls around and they sit in their desks on the first day of school, when the teacher asked the age-old question: How did you spend your summer vacation? They can all say: I made a movie!

KidsEye™ Filmmaking Camp, which is presented by the Rhode Island International Film Festival, premiered he works created by the campers at the KidsEye™ International Film Festival.

For more information, call (401) 861-4445 or write to:

KidsEye™ Summer Filmmaking Camp
P.O. Box 162
Newport, RI 02840



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