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83 Park Street, Suite 5

Providence, RI 02903 USA
tel: 401/861-4445
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PO Box 162

Newport, RI 02840 USA

Street Address:

36 Rhode Island Avenue,

Newport, RI 02840 USA



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What is Ushering?
2017 RIIFF Usher Information

galaEach year, Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival utilizes hundreds of volunteers as ushers. Ushers help to ensure that our screenings operate smoothly.


Duties of an usher include:

• Ripping tickets

• Seating patrons

• Will-call

• Keeping the venue neat

• Counting ballots

• Merchandise Sales

• Answering patron's basic questions

No previous experience is necessary to usher. It’s easy, and it’s a great way to meet new people.

Ushers must be dependable, confident, and able to follow instructions. For many of our guests, you will be the only face of the festival that they see, so friendliness is a must. We also need you to be on time, so that we can be well organized. Ushers must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers.

A Lead Usher is an experienced RIIFF volunteer who organizes and oversees a team of ushers. See our Guidelines for Lead Ushers.

Please do not sign up for Lead Usher shifts unless you have been specifically invited by the RIIFF Volunteer Coordinator to do so. Please give your respect, attention, and cooperation to your Lead Usher. This person is directing you during your volunteer shift. Please check in with your lead usher before and after every shift.

If you sign up for an usher shift, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SHOW UP FOR YOUR SHIFT, or call the Volunteer Office if you must cancel. We’re depending on you!

Usher Benefits

For every two hours that you usher, you receive a voucher for a free RIIFF movie ticket. The more you volunteer, the more vouchers you earn. This year, you can redeem five earned vouchers for Cinema Rhode Island membership, a $50 value. Cinema Rhode Island members receive free passes for advance screenings, discounts on future RIIFF tickets and passes, and more. See the Voucher Information page for more details.

Sometimes, it may be possible to see a movie that is playing during your shift. This is NEVER a guarantee, and depends on a number of factors, including workload and available seating.

Questions? Contact the Volunteer Department at 401.861.4445, or info@film-festival.org.

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Office: 83 Park Street, Suite 5

Providence, RI. 02903 United States
401.861.4445. • info@film-festival.org

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM



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